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Pros and Cons

Reasons to Stay:
- The big one: I love my job at MHS. I love my colleagues. I love my students (most of them). I love my duties as class advisor. I love being involved with Link Crew. Kathy is probably the best department chair I'll ever find anywhere. Also, I'm tenured now. If I were to raise a family in a new place, I'd want to wait until I have tenure again, which is another couple of years.
- My entire family is down here right now.
- Jimmy will undoubtedly move if I move, and if he moves, he's sure to have to struggle a lot more than if he stays here. Ultimately, it's his decision, and I can't let it affect me, but then again, I will definitely be the only person he can turn to for help, so it does affect me. And I should take that into consideration. I don't exist in a vacuum. And Rups could live at home and have a real backyard.
- All of these people: Teresa, Sanjit, Lily, Skyler, Castro, Lisa, Harrison, Kathy, Matt, Diane.
- Michael and Ginger each get to be separate reasons. Both are my best friends, and being without them would be like cutting out pieces of my heart.
- I'm supposed to chaperone prom and senior ball! Could I really give that up?
- Along those same lines, I DID promise to read names at graduation in 2011.
- Can't do roller derby up there. I'm not good enough for their team. Also, what if they're not as nice about newbies as SVRG? They already (kind of) know me and like me here.
- Right now I live at home, and can save up some money. Or I can find someplace cheap to live nearby, although it won't be very nice.
- Nike Women's Marathon. Can't lose my legacy runner status!
- People recognize me at: yarn stores, Urban Decay counter, cupcake place. And Prana ;)
- Does In n Out get to be its own reason?
- There is no Facing History and Ourselves in Oregon.
- I want to take over community service when Ribovich finally retires.
- California weather

Reasons to Go:
- The big one: Exactly my atmosphere/culture - liberal but not pretentious; less yuppie than San Francisco; less scary than Oakland. Laid back pace of life.
- It's cheaper up there. Eventually I will want to raise a family, and I can afford to on a teacher's salary up there. Here, not so much.
- My brother is there, and eventually my parents will leave California too.
- Friends that live there (that I know of): Cristina, Alex and Steph, Kate (both Kates, actually), and Teresa will be in Spokane.
- Powell's. (Yes, it deserves to be its own reason.)
- In addition, there are all my other old haunts (though, without all the same people I used to go with)
- Beaverton is a really good school district. IF I could get a job there.
- Oregon's Department of Education is probably not struggling as much as California's. *Dude, we're in danger of receiving PAY WARRANTS????*
- Clean air - it's snowing up there! - true fall colors
- 3 hours from Seattle, and not much further is Canada if I need to quickly leave the country.
- Oh right - no sales tax. Forgot that one. And I don't have to pump my own gas. Which will probably be cheaper anyway. And the Max is awesome.


  1. I just found your blog through Ravelry,and I have to say that YES In and Out gets to be its own reason. I would love, love to have one up here. Except that I'm not a vegetarian....but their fries...yum.

    When I left New Zealand, leaving my kids behind killed me. I totally know what you mean about once having made the decision that you realise even more how great things are where you're at. The kids are going to be awesome in Portland too though, and Portland seems like a wonderland in my mind so I think that is a pro.


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