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However trite, however over-done...

... New Year's Resolutions. Ready to be made and then broken. But hopefully not for a while.

- I will not buy anymore yarn until I use up all of the yarn I just bought and designated on my queue for specific projects.
- I will go through my yarn stash and clear out at least a whole box of yarn to donate/give away.
- I will not have more than 4 WIPs at any given time.
- I will eat at least three meals every day that I pre-plan. No more skipping breakfast.
- I will work out at least ten minutes every day, making sure to do both cardio and weights.
- I will get back into roller derby.
- I will actually stick to my HALF marathon training this time.
- I will try to go to bed by 11 and wake up by 6:30, at least on work days.
- I will try to get all relatively small assignments graded within a week and all large assignments graded within two weeks.
- I will turn in my grades well ahead of the grading window deadline.
- I will stick to my budget and not create dire financial situations for myself.