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I did it! I ran!

I did end up actually running, even if only because I wanted to see if I still had it in me. And I did. Granted, I only ran for a minute at a time, but it's been a while, you know? It didn't hurt, I wasn't panting like crazy.

I'm trying to stick to the diet, but goddammit, when someone leaves delicious coffee cake in the staff lounge, I'm going to have some. I've been taking small pieces at a time, and not more than one or two a day. Not, like, two or three giant slices or anything. Today's meals were good - I liked everything I had, EVEN the huge chunky tomato slices in my sandwich. (I normally HATE tomatoes!) My dinner was good - I don't know why I've never made tilapia before! The pieces were well-sized, cheap (2 dollars for two pieces!), QUICK to cook (in fact, they browned a little...), and apparently they're healthy too :) I cooked the two pieces, and tomorrow I will have it for lunch or for dinner. I'm tempted to have more avocado toast tomorrow morning and then make a turkey and avocado sandwich for lunch, but I wonder if that's too much avocado to have in one day. It's a tiny avocado. Plus, I'd need to buy some turkey. Is avocado and cheese acceptable? Or is that too much "fat" in one sandwich?

The best part is that (contrary to what it looks like in the above paragraph), I'm not actually obsessing about what I'm eating. Like, I obsess on paper because I'm trying to figure out what to eat tomorrow, but during the day, I'm like, Oh yay, food! And I look forward to eating it. And (other than the salad yesterday), it tastes good! So, I'm fairly happy with my two days so far. I'm trying to track what I'm eating because it'll give me an idea of what to buy next week that I liked.