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Notes for my baby, part 3

In which Thu details a little bit about Papa Jimmy, pre-baby.

Dear Baby,

I know your dad is keeping a journal of his own for you, and he's got his own life story to tell, but I thought I would fill you in on some of the wonderful things about him that he may or may not necessarily say himself.

- He's way, way smart. I might've gotten better grades in high school, but he's much smarter than I am, because he's more quick-witted and remembers information a lot better than I do. Don't try to pull a fast one on him by trying to convince him of a different version of the truth. His mind is like a steel trap.

- He's very honest about his feelings, more so than other males I know. I always know where I stand with him, which I really appreciate.

- He is a very caring, loving person. He takes really good care of me, and I have no doubt he'll take really good care of you too, Baby.

- He, like me, is a very compassionate person. People look at him and think he's a big jock sort of guy because of how tall and big he is, but he's not like that at all. He, too, believes in stopping hate and promoting equality (and he's got a much better brain for arguing than I do).

- He is a very talented musician and songwriter. This isn't something he reveals often, but your dad is pretty awesome. He learns instruments on his own, or else he finds his own way of playing them. I try to encourage him to share his music more, but he's really shy about this. Your dad is a really cool guy.

- He is hardworking and unselfish. Invariably, because of his size and height, your dad always gets called upon to do stuff like help people move or carry big things or whatnot, and he always does it, without much complaining. Where would anyone be without your dad?

Especially me - where would I be without your dad? We met each other when we were 15, and so, being with someone for over 10 years means that there has been a lot that I learned from him that has become a part of me now. If I were to erase every trace of your dad from my life, I'd be an empty shell - that's how big of an effect he's had on my life. And I wouldn't trade any of it for anything. You're very lucky to be born to a dad who can teach you so many different things and who can go play catch with you and can probably let you walk on his feet. Treat him right, okay?

Love, Mom


  1. This is really beautiful. It put a tear in my eye. Your child is going to be in a family overflowing with love, and I'm so happy for you, Jimmy, and your child.


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