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It's the little things

I'm getting ready to move soon, but like, I can't move soon enough. I was happy about my living situation until I was offered the opportunity to move into my own place, and ever since then, I haven't been able to stomach ANYTHING about my previous living arrangement - every little thing annoys me that didn't used to annoy me before; people who I could tolerate previously are getting punched in the face (in my head, anyway); and I just am ITCHING to get the hell out of here. Like I said, things just can't happen fast enough.

Jolie is kicking, usually at inopportune times (like when I need to sleep, or after I've had a big meal), and therefore, making me VERY uncomfortable, as happy as I am to hear from her. ("Hi Mom! Check this out!" *WHAP!!!!*) Jimmy just felt her kick for the first time yesterday, and I'm happy for that - it's a chance for him to really feel her presence.

I'm glad summer has started. This year has been terrible, personally and professionally. I haven't been teaching very long, but I don't think I've ever been THIS bad of a teacher, as I was this year. I was a train wreck. I didn't even have a difficult pregnancy, but it was enough to make me miserable, and I really could not keep my personal life out of the classroom in terms of not letting it affect my job. In all honesty, I should've gone on leave, like, in February, and saved everyone a whole lot of grief.

But it's over, and I'm eager for a chance to make things better next year. (After I come back from leave, that is.) This September marks a fresh start in many different ways.

But for now, I need to get the hell out of here because either I will go crazy, or someone will end up maimed with a cheese grater.