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I love it when you talk derby to me...

So, if you've been able to follow my Facebook updates, you probably know that 1) I got a new phone, and 2) I'm joining roller derby again.

Re: the phone
I hate myself for having spent as much time talking and thinking about getting a new phone as I did. It makes me feel shallow and materialistic. I have no problem admitting that I would love to have an iPhone, but I do have a problem with becoming one of those people who does nothing but talk about iPhones (or any phones) ALL THE TIME, like it's the most important thing in the world, because they're totally addicted to their phones. It's cool and all, but really? It's a piece of machinery. It's a better piece of machinery than many others, but still, it's a piece of machinery that will one day break or become obsolete, so it's best not to get too attached. (That's what I have my laptop for anyway.) I had issues choosing a phone because I did want something that could do more than just be a phone; on the other hand, I don't need it to be MUCH more than a phone. Call me ornery, but I don't need a phone that can play music, shop at the Gap, and order me takeout. I want it to be a vehicle for communication, and nothing more. So, anyway... see? I'm talking about it again. Anyway, I didn't get too fancy a phone.

Re: derby
I am SO EXCITED. I will be honest and say that the very first time I heard that there was a derby league in the area (about a year ago), I was like, "That would be an awesome thing to tell people that I do!" But uh... yeah. I got my ass handed to me after a couple of practices. After I learned more about the league, the sport, and the work involved, I fell in love with it. I recommitted myself, but then found out I was pregnant. Yeah, maybe a better skater than me could've gotten away with a few more weeks of skating with the team with an embryo on board, but I definitely was not good enough to keep my baby safe if I wanted to skate. So, derby dreams were put on hold.

Fast forward to now... I've been loosely following the league throughout my pregnancy, and my interest just never went away. I found out at the beginning of October that SVRG would be having their last recruitment meeting of the season very soon. Without even really thinking, I decided that IT HAS TO BE NOW I HAVE TO JOIN DERBY NOW NOW NOW. But what did I do differently this time? For starters, I called my gym (that I never go to, yet am paying $40 a month for) to find out how many training sessions I have left - you see, a couple of years ago when I was far more financially irresponsible and desperate to lose weight, I shelled out hundreds of dollars for personal training sessions (in addition to all the fees for the gym membership). I did use up some of the sessions, but stopped when my trainer quit because she hated the manager. (Which made ME hate her too.)

So, it's years later, and I still have, like, 20 sessions, so I decided to make an appointment to come in, and they put me with Raymond. I didn't know who he was or anything ahead of time. But, actually, he turned out to be awesome. Our first appointment was just a 30-minute evaluation, but he made me work hard, and even though I was limping out the door after 30-minutes, I knew I'd met my match. See, my old trainer (though she was very nice and we became friends, sort of) never really worked me hard enough - we always just ended up talking about whatever (she'd complain about her manager) and I just never felt like I worked anywhere near my full potential. But Raymond definitely pushes me to the limit every time, and I have him to thank for the fact that, while my first derby practice was hard, I was in the best shape I'd been in for a long time, in infinitely better shape than when I'd tried last year. (In fact, because of Raymond, I'm seriously considering trying to find a way to buy more training sessions after I run out.)

So... derby. Probably thanks to Whip It, there were almost as many newbies as there are league members! And we're of all different ages, backgrounds, and abilities, and I think I'm firmly in the middle. It's all coming back to me, but I definitely have to get serious and practice, and now that I've FINALLY dragged my ass up to San Francisco to get outdoor wheels, I'm good to go, anytime, anywhere. I'm determined to pass bootcamp and the skills test the first time.

The thing is, I'm scared. I've NEVER had to deal with physical tests (not since those presidential fitness tests in elementary school. Which I never passed). In matters of reasoning and intellect (and sometimes even memorization), no sweat. Essay? No problem. Multiple choice? Bring it.

LAPS? Um...

But I'm strong. I know I am. I can be fast (on wheels, anyway). And I'm determined.

So now when I talk about derby, it's not because I want people to think I'm cool - it's because I think IT'S cool. And the only way I can show the derby gods (er, goddesses) proper respect is to bust my ass and skate, skate, skate. (And learn the rules.)