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A letter of complaint to FedEx (I actually emailed this)

To whom it may concern:

I placed an order to FedEx office services on Sunday (12/20) for three photo calendars as gifts (there was a free rush 3-day delivery promo to receive them in time for Christmas). In doing so, I accidentally left off my apartment number from my address.

I called the proper Customer Service office on Monday to make the correction, and after two separate phone calls, the operator I spoke to the second time assured me that the change had been made.

On Tuesday, I received a phone call from FedEx delivery saying that they did NOT have my apartment number, even though the day before, I had just been informed that the correction had been made. Once again, I had to speak to another operator, who this time assured me the change had been made.

Wednesday - I received nothing.

Today (Thursday, Christmas Eve), I called in to track my package, and was informed that there was an error with my address, and was ONCE AGAIN directed to an operator, who THIS TIME told me that my address was in fact complete, despite what the automated phone tracking service told me, and that I would DEFINITELY receive my shipment today.

Well, it's nearly midnight Christmas Eve, and according to your online tracking service, my package is still sitting in the San Jose facility as of 10pm tonight.

While I admit that the initial error was mine, I did whatever I could to fix it, and was told multiple times that it was fixed, and that I would receive my package on time. Instead, it's been sitting in a warehouse in San Jose for the past three days. Why did you tell me I would receive my package, when clearly it's been sitting around in a warehouse for three days? And why was I not given the option to go pick it up at said warehouse? This is completely and utterly ridiculous. I'm not even sure what to ask for from you at this point, other than a profuse apology, since I didn't have to pay shipping anyway, and no amount of my anger and resentment towards you is going to get those gifts here on time for my family Christmas party anyway, since your facilities are closed Christmas Day. And it's too late to cancel my order and ask for a complete refund because it's already been processed and completed and, again, IT'S BEEN SITTING IN A WAREHOUSE IN SAN JOSE FOR THREE DAYS.

I just want you to know that because of your lack of communication and your empty promises, my daughter has no presents to give her grandparents for Christmas. This would have meant the world to them.