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Bootcamp Week 1

We just finished our first two practices (our first week, essentially) of roller derby bootcamp. OH MAN am I sore. I also bit it pretty hard last night, so I've got some really tender spots on my forearm and thigh where I fell. (No bruising though.)

So, after two nights in a row, it's starting to become more apparent what my areas of improvement need to be (other than practicing more =P) - I'm not very fast, because I haven't figured out my stride yet; I am back to being unable to do crossovers, which really slows you down; and I have to learn how to skate TIRED. Because I was REALLY tired, and my back was so sore and stiff that I was breaking form and getting really sloppy.(Some core training should help with that.)

I'm trying not to doubt myself, but I really am worried that I won't make the cut. Luckily, the semester has just started, which means that if I plan my lessons right, I give myself some more free time to practice.

I'm sooooo excited.