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Got to admit, it's getting better, it's getting better all the time

*singing* It can't get no worse!

So, we'll see how I feel after tonight's practice, but last night's felt really good.

The first thing we did after warm-ups was a weaving pace line drill. I've seen the team do this before, and it's always freaked me out because it just LOOKS so hard. We split up into two lines though ("fast" and "faster"... I was in the "fast" line), and aside from probably allowing too much of a gap too often between me and the girl in front of me, I managed to keep up AND I survived the weaving part without taking anyone out! It took me a little while because at one point, I could not catch up to the next girl I was supposed to cut in front of, but eventually I got there and made it to the front. (And then later on I got taken down by someone else trying to weave, but no problem - I wasn't hurt.)

AND we learned how to do a whip yesterday! SO awesome. It's a classic derby move, and I didn't fall, nor did I throw my partner against the wall.

And equally importantly, I felt like I was able to move faster than I was last week, and I credit that to Aim's advice of focusing on training my core. I did a major workout on Sunday (which I was still sore from two days later), but I felt stronger and faster and more steady last night at practice, so... guess what I'll be keeping up from now on? (Also, I'm starting to train with Raymond again on Thursday at the gym.)

So now.... I just need to find time to practice my actual SKATING. I can do this! I want IN this league, and I'm going to make it, and I'm going to push myself until I get there.

Have I mentioned how much I love roller derby?