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Hooray for small victories!

Well, it's not a small victory - it's quite a large one, actually:

I'm down 9 pounds since January 23rd!

Had the official weigh-in at the doctor's office today, and I'm please to report my progress. As I may or may not have mentioned, I'm taking phentermine (under medical supervision, obviously), and it's helping curb my appetite. (I do still get cravings sometimes, but not as strongly and not as often.) My doctor had set my goal for 5-8 pounds for the first month, and I exceeded it (kind of)!

I also would be remiss if I didn't thank roller derby for the changes it hath wrought. Four and a half hours a week of sweat dripping down my face and sprinting and squatting really make a big difference.

So, my doctor said that the first month is usually the best in terms of weight loss, so I should not be expecting to lose more than 8 pounds over the next month. (I go back again March 20th.) She has set my overall weight goal for 160, which should put me merely in the "overweight" BMI category as opposed to "morbidly obese," which is technically where I started. (Scary, huh? It's not so much the word "obese" as it is the word "morbid" that scares me. Anything sounds worse with the word "morbidly" in front of it.)

Personally, I think the BMI system is kind of flawed (and I'm not the only one who thinks so). I think I have way too much muscle mass for my BMI to be entirely accurate, although I am so overweight right now that my muscle mass doesn't matter. I would have to lose a LOT of weight before the amount of muscle I have starts to matter. But still... Some girls who are my height can get away with being 115 pounds, but I think that if I were ever to weigh 115 pounds, I would just look sickly. I don't think I ever COULD get down to 115 pounds without actually being sick, and I don't think I want to. Conversely, a lot of girls who are my height and my weight might be quite a bit... uh... fluffier. For someone who is 194 pounds, I'm pretty solidly packed, with some nice lines. (Come on! Who wouldn't love to have my legs right now?!?!?! My legs are awesome!) And again, I owe that to roller derby (and my trainer too!)

So, anyway, here's celebrating a step in the right direction! When was the last time I lost that much weight in just a month? Probably not since college-ish. Maybe in grad school, when I was going to UCI's athletics center every day and doing Nutrisystem. (Yeah, I actually did get a 10-pound bear for my efforts that summer... and then gained back the weight because I kept going across the street for animal style fries. I put the bear away in a box out of shame.)

So, I'm at 194... I've got 34 more pounds to lose, and let's see... about five more months to go? I can do this!


  1. I'm 5'4" and weigh 160 and I'm technically "obese". The BMI chart is rediculous.

  2. Have you seen the BMI Flickr set? People of various BMIs post their photos. It's ridiculous that some of these people are considered "overweight." There is such a huuuuuge range of what people look like at different BMIs.


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