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Just wanted to squee a bit...

Panda thought I did a great job! Squee! It means a lot to get a compliment from the head coach! (Considering how, the first night of bootcamp, she pulled me aside to tell me that I was wearing my helmet backwards... smooth move, Ex-Lax!)

We had a one-hour practice tonight, because of Goth Night skating. Still, we got in a weaving pace line, which I'm getting better and better at, and some close-proximity skating, which I could use some improvement on (and that does also involve controlling your pace). Then we worked on pushing each other off the line (legally! no hurting each other!), which I think I got the hang of, and as I said above, I think I could really do well as a blocker, if I make it into the league.

I feel like I'm on the cusp of something huge, and I'm having trouble finding that little extra spasm of power to push myself towards it. I need to find that extra push and run with this, because I think I have a lot of potential here, and I'm not maximizing it.