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New Firsts :)

Some Jolie awesomeness - her first real baby food, and her first Vietnamese New Year!

We're moving onwards and upwards from the rice cereal. Enough of that crap. Bring on the sweet potatoes!

So, this is Jolie's first non-white food, by the way. (I think.) Time to invest in an apron or a smock, because that girl gets messy!

She really seems to love sweet potatoes, though!

She even loved it so much, that she felt the need to eat the leftover bits that dripped onto her bib!

I'm a hungry animal!!!

Jolie also got her first lucky red envelopes today! In the grand tradition of Chinese/Vietnamese New Year, lucky red envelopes are given out containing money, for good luck. Jolie, having no knowledge of the function of money, finds a new purpose for it instead:

Yeah, she tried to eat it. And if that wasn't bad enough, sometimes she would miss, and nearly poke her eye out :)

All in all, a good day.