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Some pictures for fun!

First of all, I ordered an SVRG bootcamp shirt from Steffenrazor, and it's awesome! The front says "SVRG bootcamp 2010," and here's the back.

Like I said, Jimmy doesn't call me Brock Lesnar for nothing. If I had some training, I could give those WWE Divas a run for their money, fight-wise.

Here's one of me and Jolie from a couple days ago. Note the incongruity of our mother-daughter pairing: Jolie is cute as a button in her Pooh outfit, all smiles and baby innocence. I've got my derby tshirt, dark Urban Decay eyeliner, and my tattoo proudly displayed on my huuuuge arm.

Jolie will lure you in, and I will hip-check you.

And lastly... Jolie is trying out a new look. It's her DERANGED smile:
Watch out for this one! This girl is ca-raaaaaaaazy!

Have a good night :)