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I'm officially registered!

It's done, no going back now. I need to take this momentum and carry myself through.

So, I have about 10 weeks until I officially start my training program, so this will be my transition period - I need to use this time to get in shape. I'm planning on doing an 8-week walk-to-run program, and then using the other two weeks to build up a little speed.

The other thing I need to do is to work on my nutrition. Now, let it be said that marathon training is a bad time to be dieting - it is not a GOOD idea to cut down on intake when you're gearing up to run 26.2 miles. Training for a marathon will sometimes lead to people losing weight, but that shouldn't be the reason to do it.

But some rules of sound nutrition hold true regardless of your goal. For instance, I'm going to try to stop drinking soda, and drink only water or tea. That'll be my step one. (I've been inspired by Marlena, aka MakeupGeek, who is one of my heroes - she just posted a video about how she lost weight, and for the most part, I think I can do it that way too.)

My goal is to cleanse my body of all the junk stuff before I actually start my training, and be in good health, so that my body is working as efficiently as possible.