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I'm only one person.

I'm mentally exhausted. The mental equivalent of spaghetti legs after running a long race.

I'm exhausted from derby, and not just physically. The stress of worrying about the tests is finally over, but it was really weighing heavy on me for a while. Now we're talking about putting together a rec league for those of us repeating bootcamp, and while it's exciting to be coordinating this new program and I'm happy to do it, it's also a huge undertaking, and it's a lot to think about. I spent all day working on this yesterday, and literally, I'm just wiped out. I need a break from derby - just 24 straight hours of not thinking, not worrying, not dealing with derby, and then I'll be ready to tackle it all again with a fresh mind.

School lately has been frantic. I'm heading into a stretch where I can't really take any days off, because I'm not doing anything that can be handed to a sub. (It's not that I plan to take many days off, but it's nice to know that, if I had to, I could without having to re-do all my lesson plans.) I've got lots of kids absent due to this and that, mostly due to long-term suspensions (more than just a day or two), so I've been having to scramble to get their assignments together for them. I'm dealing with serious parent issues that I've never had to deal with before, and it's really stressing me out.

Add to all of that the fact that I'm naturally a worrier and I naturally overthink everything, and what you get is me getting only about 3 or 4 hours of sleep the last three nights. Either I haven't been able to fall asleep, or I have been, but then I wake up really early, and can't go back to sleep, and I'm tired all day at work.

At least it's Friday, but... next week is Spirit Week/Trojan Olympics, and that doesn't make things any easier either. It's another few weeks until spring break, and I'm not sure I'm going to make it.


  1. You will :)

    I've been having a hectic week too (though not nearly as hectic as yours by the sound of it). I called Khoa and talked things through. Once I got everything out there it made it seem more manageable. Khoa gave me some suggestions, but most of all reassured me and helped me take a much-needed breath.

    I overthink I know how that is. At night though, I look at sleeping as my time. No thinking! I was keeping myself up running everything I still had to do through my head. So yeah, sleep is a much-needed break. Get as much as you can!

    Easier said than done, for sure, but try to relax and remember to breathe. Or call Khoa and he'll tell you!


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