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Malice in Wonderland

Holy geez. that was amazing.

Our first home bout of the year, and we were out in full force. The recent publicity about losing the rink brought crowds of curious spectators, eager to see what the fuss was about. And I don't think we disappointed.

The Killabytes played the San Diego Hard Corps, and the game, which at one point had a 30-point difference with SD on top, ended in the most exciting fashion ever. We eventually caught up with them and tied with 99 points apiece. Then we slipped ahead, and had 105 going into the last jam, and then they scored enough points in the LAST jam to slip ahead to 108 points for the win. Every single person stood there watching the scoreboard at the end as they tallied up the points, because they had it stopped at 105-103 (us) while they tallied, and when we saw it go to 105-108 (them), there was a huge collective groan of disappointment. And then boos (not angry ones, but disappointed, "Man, they worked so hard!" ones). It was a close, exciting game towards the end, and I think everyone enjoyed it. All of the people who came to see derby with me (who are not involved in derby, so just "civilians" =P) were really into it, so you know it was good. I think they are totally fans now.

The dot.Kamikazes and the Dockyard Derby Dames was no contest. We were ahead from the beginning, and our ending score was nearly twice theirs. The last two jams of the game were crazy - they had Donna Diggler and Kimfectious jamming, and they are NOT jammers, but since we were so far ahead, it didn't matter. It's like in a blowout baseball game where the winning team lets their first baseman pitch or something, just for fun. Since we were obviously going to win the game, it was fun cheering for Diggler and Kim, to see if they'd make it to the front of the pack and to see how long they could stay up.

I SO love this sport. And I SO love this league. I really, really want to pass these tests and join them and be one of them. Watching a bout makes me just ITCH to get out there on my skates, and I can't wait to be a derby girl for real so I can join in the fun too.