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My dream job

Teaching is not my dream job. In all honesty, it wasn't something that I'd planned for my whole life. Becoming a teacher wasn't fulfilling an ultimate dream of mine.

My dream job? To be a makeup artist. I've always wanted to do something creative and artistic with my life, only I've never really been creative or artistic - I can't write music, I can't write fiction, I can't paint or draw. But I'm starting to realize that I can do makeup. I'm not great at it, but then again, I'm purely a fan and a dabbler, with no formal training or education in the trade. I love the idea of having a career where I can totally be myself and express myself without worry of whom I'm offending or without worrying about being an example. I wouldn't have to hide certain parts of my personality or my interests for the sake of being a good role model.

Don't get me wrong - I love teaching. It was something I felt a calling for, and I enjoy it. Most of the time.

But it's like this: teaching is like... a husband. You love him, you're well-matched, you enrich each other's lives. You have your issues and your disagreements, but at the end of the day, you're glad you married him.

Being a makeup artist? That's like a celebrity fantasy, some famous musician or actor that you have a crush on. He's creative and talented, and exciting, and you totally fantasize about him. But TONS of women would love to get their hands on him, and only a select few ever make it into his inner circle. And even then, it's not a guarantee that they won't be discarded for the next new thing. So what chance have YOU got? It's an unstable situation at best, and your parents would NOT approve of the match.

So... right now, I'm "married" to teaching, but I dream about a dalliance with makeup artistry. I'm too afraid to leave my "husband," but how exciting would it be,  to run off with my "fantasy" and have it actually work out!


  1. least look into it maybe? Right now I'm thinking about pet portraits and/or gallery curator which may or may not be a "fantasy" job. Maybe a weekend or summer thing doing those make-up things like at Macy's? I don't know exactly what they do... I try to avoid them because ...erm...they make me feel awkward.


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