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Prom dress!

Finding a prom dress is more fun than actually going to prom, in my opinion. Especially when the dress in question is from!

I've always wanted to buy a pinup dress - I probably couldn't pull off this look every day, because I'd just be way too self-conscious, but for a special occasion? Hell yes! So when I found this one, I thought it'd be perfect: it's pretty, and it's nice, but not too nice - the chaperones should NOT be fancier-looking than the students, you know? So it's just right. And I guessed correctly on the size I'd need, and it fits just right. (The belt's a little awkward, but belts always are on me. And I don't have an hourglass figure to pull it off.)

Now to find the right shoes and accessories... and of course, I will be posting the makeup look over at Glam-aholics Anonymous :)

I have a feeling that Pinup Girl Clothing will be seeing my name again and again...


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