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Roller weekend

The other part of my weekend, other than going to Cinequest, was (you guessed it) spent on roller derby. DNN (Derby News Network) live-broadcasted the Wild West Showdown, a huge derby invitational that took place this weekend in Bremerton, WA. I tried to watch as much as I could, but it's hard because the feed wasn't always great, and it's hard for me to watch derby when I can't see what's going on - literally, I couldn't tell who the jammers were unless I watched for the refs, but then that means I was only half paying attention to the action.

Still, though, it was a good learning experience for me to watch some of the best skaters in the country and to familiarize myself with their names, and the names of other leagues. Just like with any other sport, you can't really call yourself a fan of the sport if you only know about your home team. I am a Giants fan, but I can't call myself a baseball fan until I learn about all the other teams and players in the MLB. (Jimmy tries to make sure of this  by quizzing me constantly, and while sometimes I get annoyed - because I think he's only asking me things to embarrass me because I usually get them wrong - I'm glad he does, because I always learn new things, or remember things I've forgotten.

So, I saw the magic that was Sunday's Philly vs. Rat City bout. Having just watched Blood on the Flat Track, I was excited to see Rat City's current incarnation, and was glad that I recognized some of the names. The score inched up with every jam, with the lead switching back and forth. The last jam of the game, Philly was up by just 5 points. RC's Juliet Bravo got lead and scored a quick 4 points before Philly's Gloria Grind'em could... and all of a sudden (it looked to me), before Grind'em could score a point to maintain the lead, SHE GOT CALLED FOR A PENALTY AND THROWN IN THE BOX!!!!!!!!! Thus, leaving Bravo as the only jammer on the track, and she only needed to score two more points for Rat City to win. It was crazy. My jaw dropped open, because that was quite a break for RC to catch. SO exciting!

Last night a few of us went skating during adult open session, to try and get some time trials in. (Also, I got to try out my new wheels, which I lurrrved!) It took me two tries? Three tries? But I finally made it in under a minute. And that was also considering that we were dodging dancers at every turn. I feel better now that I've done it, but I still have the 5:00 test to attempt, and THAT one I feel nervous about.

I'm fairly certain I will have to repeat bootcamp, but I'm okay with that. I know I will get it next time.