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Summer of Love!

So, one of UD's new products is the Summer of Love palette:

A cute little thing with Flash, Maui Wowie, Chopper, and Smog, and a Bourbon pencil and a Sin UDPP. I actually  have all of these colors in some form or another (other palettes, single shadows) - actually, the only thing I don't have is the Sin UDPP - I used to, but I already have TONS of the regular UDPP AND the Sin eyeshadow, so it really was kind of redundant.

Anyway, so since I have almost everything here, I wanted to try my hand at recreating the new front-page eye makeup look with what I already had:

(I definitely didn't try posing with that face though!)
And here's the result:

And here's what I used:

- The Show Pony Shadow Box - Smog blended up to the crease (with a little bit of Toasted to soften the line)
- Bourbon eye pencil along the upper lash line
- Lust eye pencil to sketch the lower line, but Flash (from Show Pony) with a flat eyeliner brush to top and smudge the line
- El Dorado eye pencil (from the Super Stash, but it also was released as a full-size pencil with the summer collection) to outline the inner corners of my eyes.
- MAC Fibre Lash mascara on my upper and lower lashes

I hope they post this as a "Steal This Look" so I can see how close I was :) I know I used some extra things, but hey, I make do with what I have...