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Bombshell Prom

Let it be known that I hate dances. I hated them in high school, and I especially hate them now as a high school teacher, because we're supposed to bust kids for inappropriate dancing, and that is just NOT fun. It's kind of squicky and gross, and no teacher wants to go near that.

But, I'll be damned if I don't take this opportunity to get all dolled up!

Dress by Pinup Girl Clothing, hair by my stylist Maggie!

 This is not how I looked for my own junior prom, by the way. Here's me at my junior prom TEN YEARS AGO:

 (Same necklace, though!)

I wasn't cool enough to know how to put it together. As a kid, your prom options are very generically satin and glittery, because that's all the big stores sell. (Even now, as I discovered when I went dress shopping. I ordered mine online.) But as an adult with my own vision and sense of style, this was totally fun to dress up for.

So, onto the part you really want to know about... my make up:

On my face:
- Stila One-Step - since I usually put on my makeup after showering (washing my face and moisturizing immediately), putting on my face at the end of the day was something different. I re-moisturized, waited a little for it to soak in, and then applied the One-Step, and it was PERFECT. Perfect matte finish, not too much coverage, and didn't look all powdery and weird.

On my cheeks:
- Laura Gellar Blush & Bronze - applied with an angled brush on the apples of my cheeks
- Lola Treat 'n Glo duo in Laid Back Chic - I used just the highlighter side, and since it's a VERY soft powder, I used touches of it, applied with the tip of my angled blush brush on my temples, cheekbones, forehead, nose, and chin

On my eyes (light this time!):
- Maui Wowie blended up past the crease
- Sellout to smudge the line
- Tokidoki Perfetto eyeliner - just a thin line along the upper lid and then flicked up slightly at the ends
- Urban Decay eyelash primer potion
- Maybelline The Colossal Diamonds mascara

On my lips:
- Urban Decay 24/7 lip pencil in Gash - outlined and then filled in the lips
- Urban Decay lipstick in Gash - on top of the lipliner fill, and blotted

I was going to do false eyelashes, but ran out of time. I also would've taken better close-up pictures, so you could see the detail of my makeup, but alas, an advisor's duty is never done! I was later than I thought. So here's the closest picture I managed to get (cropped from a photo with a student):

So, even though I didn't feel so great having to chaperone prom, at least I looked good :)