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A downer day, and it's only 10am

A few of the girls from my bootcamp class have announced on FB that they're official SVRG league members now. And while I am thrilled for them, I am finding myself thoroughly depressed. They are where I hoped to be, where I wanted to be so badly, but I'm not there, nowhere near it. It's really depressing me.

The truth is, I haven't skated since the end of bootcamp because I just can't bring myself to. It hurts a lot (and I'm not talking about muscles). I'm not angry or bitter towards anyone - I love those girls! - but skating has become touchy for me because I'm so goddamn depressed about it. I'm sad that I didn't pass, and I'm sad that I would've been a derby girl by now if I had passed, and even though I still love the sport, right now I just can't jump back on the horse because it still makes me sad. I don't want to get too in-depth right now, because I'm typing this from a location where I don't have the luxury of crying if I need to, but let that be an indication of how I feel - if I talk about it too much, I will cry.


  1. Forget about the league, forget about the derby, and the fact that you didn't pass some test while others did. One of the hard things about being in a bootcamp is that while you improve a lot, so does everyone else, and if you start out behind, you feel like you're never catching up even if, in absolute terms, you've made a lot of progress. So forget about all that for now, and try to just enjoy skating. I mean, skating is FUN. You have wheels and you go fast! And, maybe you'll learn something new the next time you skate, which will only make it more fun.


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