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Duping in reverse

Okay, normally when you're looking for a dupe, it means that you're trying to find a cheaper, more easily available version of something that is (obviously) expensive or hard to find. But today I'm duping in reverse:

Yesterday being Easter, there was nothing open except for my local Walgreen's, so that's where I decided to pass some time (I need to pick up some baby items), so of course I spend a lengthy amount of time browsing the makeup section.

I've seen the following palette many times, but this time I was actually considering getting it. I've seen lots of "brown eyes" palettes, and I've even tried Almay's before - they have lots of purple palettes, and then THIS one, which is very not purple:

What the heck IS "light interplay technology" anyway?
I decided against getting it, because I was sure I had those colors already: a salmon-y peach, a dark brown, and a cream color, all shimmery. And low and behold, I did, in my Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows:

So here's what I used on my eyes:
- Chessur (aka, Chopper) all over my lid
- Mad hatter (aka, Twice Baked) blended into the crease
- Drink Me, Eat Me (aka, Sin) as a highlight (I know, not cream, but cream looks weird on my skin)

Plus Zero eye pencil and Colossal Diamonds mascara.

And here's the result. Does it make my brown eyes pop? UD doesn't have Almay's "light interplay technology," but I don't even know what that means anyway - UD is more pigmented and shimmery than Almay shadows anyway, IMO.

Ta-da! So that was duping in reverse - I used the high-end cosmetics that I already had to mimic a drugstore look :) But hey, since I didn't end up buying any more makeup, it saved me 8 bucks, so there we go.