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Jolie's first playdate

I was so busy posting pictures on Facebook yesterday that I didn't blog anything :)

So, Jolie had her first playdate with baby Mai. Mai is the daughter of my friend Le from high school, who is in town visiting from New York. They are three months apart, but are pretty much the same size because Jolie was a little small (preemie, remember?) and Mai was a little big. (In fact, as far as birthweight goes, I think Mai was twice Jolie's weight - 8 pounds vs. 4 pounds.)

Le and I had been in communication CONSTANTLY since she found out she was pregnant - since we weren't far apart in terms of due date, it was like having a pregnancy buddy, and we've been following each other's babies since they were born, so it was really great to finally have them meet. We hope that, despite being on two different coasts (I'm in California, Le's in New York), they could grow up to be friends.

Here are some photos from yesterday's playdate:

Brunch at Bill's - their first meeting. Mai tries to eat Jolie.
"What are you doing with MY mom?" Mai is still trying to eat Jolie.
Aww, former ND girls and future ND girls :)
Playtime on the mat!

"Why are they yelling at us? What are they saying?" "Dude, I dunno."

Mai starts to roll over into Jolie. Jolie's not sure what to do....

So she puts her hand on Mai's face, and Mai grabs Jolie's arm. All the adults in the room are in HYSTERICS.

Mai still trying to eat Jolie. Jolie not amused.
All in all, they really seemed to like each other. Jolie was smiling and cooing at her "Ngo sister" and seemed to like Mai instantly. (Both mothers have the same last name - though we're not related - but the babies have different last names because of their fathers. Also, both babies are part-Vietnamese!)

So yeah, yesterday was baby overload. Le and Mai will be back for summer, so we're hoping for lots of trips to the beach and swimming in the pool!

The Adventures of Jolie and Mai to be continued :)