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Messing with Picnik

I've been pretty interested in pictures lately, and a big part of pictures (sometimes) is "post-production," as they call it in the film world - the effects you add AFTER you're done shooting. I just found out about, a web-based photo editing site, and it's everything I've ever wanted to learn on Photoshop, but totally easier, and cheaper (free!!! and even the premium account is cheaper than Photoshop!)

So, here are some examples. I'll give the original and then the edited version.

A photo from my beauty blog:
This is the original.
I can't remember what all the changes were - I did some softening, I raised the highlight level, I did the "vignette" effect, which does the blurry black edges. I upped the saturation level a little bit too, I think. Or I might have done none of those things, and completely forgotten :) I was just messing around.

One of my knitting projects:
Already a bright photo with lots of strong colors

I wanted to make my photo look kind of old and vintage, so I did a 60's effect, and again, I messed with the saturation and brightness.

Stronger color, softened, vignette edging. Jolie looks super pinky :)