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New at Sephora: Tokidoki!

Tokidoki is a Japanese-inspired line by Italian artist Simone Legno. Just like another Japanese-inspired line (Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers comes to mind), it's cute and colorful, and has just enough of a touch of badass to keep it from being totally Sanrio. The line includes apparel, accessories, handbags, and... makeup.

Sephora has JUST started carrying Tokidoki cosmetics (literally, a couple days ago), and I have to admit, I was drawn in by the packaging - the single eyeshadow pans are shaped like a heart and crossbones! The colors are cool! If UD is edgy and glam, then Tokidoki is edgy and cutesy.

I hauled myself to my local Sephora to check things out, and decided on their Cromatico eyeshadow palette in Diamante, and their eyeliner pen in Sabochan (black).

So, first up: the Sabochan eyeliner pen:

I have to say, this is my new favorite liquid liner. I'm not exactly steady-handed, so true liquid-liner brushes can sometimes be sloppy for me. So, I have tried to find some felt-tip liners that I liked, and they've all gone on unevenly, or not opaque enough. And this one was just perfect. (See swatch photo way, way below.)

Next: the palette. Technically, it's a palette, but if I start calling it The Cube, this is why:
This is the in-box packaging
The Cube
 Doesn't Tokidoki win the Best Presentation award? And that's not all. It's a cube, but the eyeshadow pans themselves are not cubey. So what did they do with the rest of the internal space?

 That's right. A cute little character charm.

Admittedly, I'm not familiar with the characters, so I don't know which one this is. Though, since the palette is called Diamante, I would guess that this is the character Diamante?

Okay, so on to the shadows themselves:

Clockwise from top left: Diamante (glitter), Rubino (shimmer), Nancy Rocks (shimmer), and Romeo (shimmer); all except Rubino are available as singles.

The texture is smooth, but it's not as pigmented as what I'm used to from UD. But still, they're decent. I'd say they're on par with the Kat Von D shadows I've tried - it just takes a couple more layers. There are two other palettes (Adios, which is white/silver/gray/black, and Bastardino, which is gold/browns/green), and they both look awesome. I chose this one because I wear purples most of the time. (They have another fuschia-purple single called Killer Candy, which I plan to get in the future.)

So, here are the swatches:
Rubino, Diamante, Romeo, and Nancy Rocks, and Sabochan beneath it
As you can see, shadows are sheer-ish, and the liquid line is PERFECT.

So, some action shots. I'm wearing Rubino alone (I used a clean brush to blend into the crease), with Sabochan and (MUFE mascara):

Love! I will definitely be back for more Tokidoki. Especially since it's a bit less expensive than what I'm used to.