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I would rather ____________ than grade these essays!!!!!!!

- eat a huge bowl of salad greens with no dressing
- get tattooed for four hours
- scrub dog pee out of the carpet
- watch a Drew Barrymore movie
- watch the Giants lose because they got shut out by the opposing team's pitcher
- walk 26.2 miles
- run on the treadmill next to someone wearing too much scent
- listen to the Backstreet Boys greatest hits
- listen to pretentious indie bands ruining songs I love by covering them
- count all the push pin holes in my wall
- take apart everything I've ever knit and wind all the yarn into balls by hand
- do the dishes
- watch every single episode of I Love the 80's, including the revamped new ones, with all NEW annoying, self-important pop culture commentators
- get yelled at by Jillian Michaels
- be in active labor without an epidural in the WAITING ROOM at the hospital for two hours....... oh wait...

I really should get back to my grading, I guess.