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Review: Urban Decay's Urban Defense Tinted Moisturizer

At last!
I've been waiting for UD to release a tinted moisturizer! I liked their Surreal Skin mineral powder, and their liquid surreal skin was just okay. I don't even actually need that much coverage, and even though I have numerous other face products/moisturizers that I love, I was really excited, because UD is my favorite brand, and I wanted to see how theirs would be.

It's not yet available at our UD counter, so I had to order mine. I normally wear Hallucination in UD's foundations/concealers, but... that's not an option for these TMs. From what I could tell of the "swatches" on the site, I was probably right in between Bulletproof (medium) and Bodyguard (medium light), but I wasn't sure. I decided to go a little darker, just because I know that summer's coming up, and I know I will be out running a lot, so I will definitely tan.

And I was right - Bulletproof is exactly my skin tone, but a shade tanner. Not so tan that I looked weird, but I think I looked like I had a bronze glow. Nice.

The coverage was excellent (just barely there, but definitely there), and I have to say that I LOVED that it was a light texture. I have Stila's tinted moisturizer with SPF 30, and it really is thick like sunscreen. (I like it too, but that's my one complaint.) UD's feels like a moisturizer. My skin felt soft all day. I didn't put powder over it because I didn't want that much coverage.

Urban Decay, I love you!