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Run 4:00, Walk 1:00

Today felt much easier than yesterday! That must be a sign of progress, right? I wasn't even nauseous afterwards! I did feel my legs getting tight at times, and I was getting a side stitch towards the end, but I worked through it (strategic breathing and some massaging during my walk break), and I made it through. And I was NOT dying!

Also, my world has just been turned upside-down, because... I realized I've been tying my shoes incorrectly! Well, not incorrectly, but the way you cross over the laces and loops when you tie your shoes creates either a granny knot (which will loosen) or a balanced knot (which will hold because of a greater amount of friction).

You see, I've been having a problem with my laces coming loose even just after my warm-up, and as a result, when I start running, my leg starts hurting - the shoe is loose, so it feels like it will fall off, so that changes the way I hold my foot when I run, and that causes my leg pain.

So, some kind souls suggested some no-slip laces, but one person suggested that I check out this article, about looking at how I cross my laces when I tie them, and I tried it, and it was SPOT ON.

My mind has been totally blown!!!!