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A comparison of reds

I love a good deal as much as anyone, and when had an Urban Decay sale recently with up to 75% off, I had to jump in. I bought two Ultraglide lipglosses for $4.25 each, and their Big Buddha Brush for only $9.

The two lipglosses I got were O and Gash, both gorgeous reds. And I already have the Ultraglide in Heat, so I thought... let's do a comparison of reds! I tried on all three and snapped photos.

The glosses, with very subtle differences between them

 So, here's a swatch sample on the back of my hand:

L to R: O, Gash, and Heat
And as sort of a "context," here's me, without any lipgloss on. (No makeup at all, actually, except for eyeliner. Please excuse me.) I'm showing you this because 1) lipgloss can be sheer, and 2) the lighting where I took the photos isn't great. But this should show you the difference between me glossed and me non-glossed. Because if you saw me in person, my lips actually have a little color naturally:

So, without further ado, here we go. First up is Heat, the one I already owned. From Urban Decay's website:
And this one definitely is sheer. I mean, you can tell it's on, but it is definitely sheer, and the glitter reflects so much light that it probably looks more sheer than it would be if it didn't have glitter.

So, it does look like I'm kinda wearing lipgloss, but it's pretty subtle. If I weren't the one actually wearing it, I would not have thought that there was any lipgloss (in the second photo, at least).

Next up is O:

It looks red in the tube, but it does actually go on as a pink. It's got a sheen to it, but is definitely the least sparkly of the three. On me:

Ultraglide is billed as a cross between a lipgloss and a lipstick, and I think O definitely brings some truth to that assertion. The creme sheen and the coverage definitely make it lipstick-y, but the texture and glide make it gloss-y.

Last is Gash, and this color is near and dear to me because it's my favorite (special occasion) red in its lipstick form. (See my post from junior prom.) Gash is billed as:
It's definitely deep, definitely shimmery (not glittery like Heat). The cola flavor is kinda weird, I have to be honest. But it doesn't bother me.

On me, it's less like my favorite lipstick, but probably great as an every day version (especially if worn over Gash lipliner pencil.):

Love it!!!!! The lighting doesn't do it justice - it's definitely RED, but less vampy and in-your-face than the lipstick. Gash reigns supreme as my favorite red shade of all.

What am I going to do with three red lipglosses? I don't even know. Lipgloss never lasts as long as lipstick, but it's so cute! And if you LOVE looking dramatic in red, lipgloss is a perfect way to tone down the drama a little bit but still keep that attention-getting factor.

PS - I applied the glosses straight from the tube - they have this soft, silicone applicator tip, so it's really nice going on. If I wanted to be very neatnik and precise about it though, I would use a lip brush.