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My first "long" run!!!

Run 5:00, Walk 1:00

See the preciseness of that time and distance? It's because I am now the proud and doting owner of a Garmin Forerunner 205 GPS watch!

And here, check this out:

Average pace: 13:37mi
Average speed: 4.4mph
Max speed: 6.8mph

It's enough to make any stat monkey DROOL. And it syncs with Daily Mile! I just press a button and there it is!

So, the run was fabulous! I decided to run with the 13:00-13:30 group, because I've been doing my run intervals at a 13:00 pace on the treadmill. I've done all this crazy math to figure out how fast I have to run in order to make my average pace be fast enough so that I can finish the marathon on time (because you have to factor in the walk breaks). According to my math, I'd have to run a 12:30 pace. I'm starting slow right now, and hoping to get faster as I get more conditioned.

So, I thought that's what our coach meant - we would be running at a 13:00-13:30 pace. But apparently that ended up being our average pace! Which is excellent. Because I would need to go faster than 14:00 in order to beat the 6 hour time limit. Granted, I only did 3 miles this morning, but still. It's great to feel like the future is promising :)

I got new running shoes afterward, because I've had my current pair for two years. (Obviously, I haven't been using them the entire time.) I went to Running Revolution, a running specialty store, to get fitted, because if you want to be a serious runner, you should NOT just choose shoes off a wall at Sport Authority. If you choose the wrong ones, you could mess yourself up really bad.

Apparently I have boat-sized feet!!!!! My shoes are a MEN'S 7.5 2E!!!!! And my left foot is longer than my right foot! I'm a freak!!!