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Shh! It's a present for someone!

I'm giving it to them tomorrow.

For my dearest friend Lisa, who is pregnant right now.

This is the Basic Baby Slippers pattern from the Baby Knits Kit - you know, when knitting was starting its new wave of popularity a few years ago, companies were selling boxes with pattern cards and they also came needles and enough yarn for one of their projects?

Well, this was the project. Only, they TOTALLY give you the wrong needles - they said size 4 on the pattern card, and the ones in the kit have GOT to be 8's. I can only assume that this is acrylic yarn.

Anyway, I made some modifications - instead of the icord/elastic cuff in the pattern (there isn't even a picture of it online, so I can't show you), I crocheted a foldover cuff with eyelets for stringing the ribbon through.

I hope she likes it! She didn't know I was making these for her, so it'll be a surprise tomorrow morning.