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Try this look: The Royal Deluxe

It's my first Mother's Day today. Hooray!

And as a big believer in giving myself the royal treatment on my special day, I present to you The Royal Deluxe, a gorgeous, purpley look (because purple is the color of royalty, dontcha know?) using Urban Decay's Deluxe Eyeshadows.

So, here are the products I used:

The UD Deluxe palette, two single Deluxe shadows (Frigid and Ruthless), and three 24/7 eye pencils (Zero, Ransom, and Gunmetal).

  1. After priming my lids, I used a small eyeshadow brush to apply Ransom (an sort of iridescent indigo) from the palette to my crease (the actual one on my eyelid, as opposed to the area just under my browbone. Since I'm Asian, I have two different "creases" whereas different ethnicities just have one). It goes on pretty sheer, so depending on how intense you want it to look, you might want to layer more. (I layered more =P)
  2. Using a crease brush, I applied Fishnet (fuschia) from the palette and blended it into my browbone crease (just above the Ransom, so it blends the line) in a swiping, upside-down U shape. This one is not quite so sheer - definitely start light, and add more if needed.
  3. Using the same crease brush, I applied Ruthless (the single shadow - the taupe color) as a highlight on my browbone and in my tear duct area, and blended the Fishnet a little bit.
  4. Using a smudge brush, I applied Frigid (single shadow - the dark purple) along my upper lash line, kind of as a super thick eyeliner, but blended it into the Ransom, so there wasn't a harsh line.
  5. I used Zero (the black eye pencil) to line the INSIDE of my upper lid as well as smudge just a teeny bit into the lash line (and then prayed that the makeup gods won't punish me by giving me some horrible infection). The Zero should not eclipse the Frigid - it should be the thinnest line possible. It's funny - you'll want it sharp to have a thin line, but not TOO sharp, because your waterline is pretty delicate.
  6. Ransom (the pencil - similar iridescent indigo as the eyeshadow) was used on my lower waterline.
  7. Gunmetal (shimmery gray) was used to define the inner corners of my eye.
  8. Topped it off my Maybelline Colossal Waterproof in Blackest Black.
And that's the look! Go easy on the lip color (choose a nude) since the eyes are very intense.

On the rest of my face:
  • Stila Sheer Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 30 - Medium
  • UD 24/7 Concealer pencil in DEA
  • MAC Skinfinish Natural in Medium Plus
  • Lola Treat 'n Glo duo in Laid Back Chic (used both the blush AND highlighter)
  • UD Lip Primer, 24/7 lip pencil in Wallflower (filling in), and Lipstick in Wicked (a shimmery mauve)