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Back in the game!

Attended my second practice with SBDM last night, and had a blast. Jamie, who was one of the co-founders of SVRG, came out to coach, and she did not disappoint - my legs were burning about halfway through. How could I have stayed away so long? I LOVE this.

I feel like I'm better and stronger than I was during bootcamp, and that could be due to a number of factors. When I started bootcamp, I was coming off of over a year of being inactive. Right now, I'm coming off of... well, bootcamp, and a few months of running. My stamina is better right now than it has been, and my muscles are stronger. Also, I'm sure this makes a difference - we're skating on a concrete outdoor basketball court, so I'm on my outdoor wheels. In bootcamp, I could NOT do crossovers for the life of me, but apparently I can do them now. I guess I can thank the grippiness of my Radar Zens. Maybe I should skate on them indoor too...? Just kidding.

And I'm just feeling relaxed. There's no pressure, like THE TEST THE TEST THE TEST. Who knows when we'll get around to that? So I can just focus on getting better without psyching myself out or meeting a deadline of THE TEST.

It's a long drive for me, but I think it's worth it. I can't NOT go, knowing that I have the opportunity to play for a team (eventually). Plus, I'm learning to like the commute. Derby does that to people, I guess :)