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FO: Wenlan Chia's Oliver Twist

I wish I could love this sweater. I loved the pattern. I loved knitting it. I loved the yarn I used (di.Ve Zenith in Lilac on size 13s). But the finished product... just didn't look great on me. Mostly due to the sleeves.

It would be an easy fix if I hadn't already finished everything - if they were only a bit longer, to actually cover my shoulders, it would look pretty good. If I end up being stuck with this sweater for a while (as in, no one wants it - I'm offering it up free to any takers), I just might take apart the sleeves and do that. But as it is, it doesn't look good on me, and because I just finished it, I have no will to get right back to work on it and take it apart.

Oh well. They can't all be perfect. :)