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FOs: Balthazar Vest, a stockinette Autumn, and Fingerless Gloves

They were both stashbuster/quick work pieces with Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick - things I've been meaning to make, and I managed to get them done. The Balthazar Vest pattern wasn't very well written, I would say. Or, rather, it wasn't well-edited - totally riddled with mistakes, and luckily, I'm an experienced enough knitter to either fix the mistakes or completely improvise.

That said, I really like them both :)

I also made the Fingerless Gloves from Vogue Holiday 2009 - Is this my first VK finished project? I THINK SO!!! I bought my first copy of VK aaaaaaages ago, with the intent of one day getting good enough to knit from it, and finally, I ventured out on my first foray.

Oh, Mari Muinonen, you plague me. Sylvie was very kind to me, but these gloves took me four attempts before I finally got it right.

I decided to make only the small stars, so the gloves are wrist-length instead of elbow length. It was just enough for me to get a sense of the construction (which is pretty cool!!!), and I also had my first experience blocking - see the last photo. I think these stars look better stretched out than in glove form, because you really get to see the gorgeousness of the lace.