Thursday, July 29, 2010

Leaving our mark

We ended up deciding to rip out the carpet in our condo and put in wood flooring, because the pet stains were too bad to shampoo out. After a grueling day of packing up our entire living room (no small feat, considering how it contains Jimmy's hundreds of dvds and my entire yarn collection and my computer and desk and work station, not to mention all the mess and clutter), ripping up the carpet and padding, and laying the foam and wood planks down, I left a large inscription on the concrete before it got covered up by the flooring:

Here we will live on, long after we have decided to live elsewhere :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ack. Weight Loss.

So, I tried to sign up for Weight Watchers again, but just for the eTools this time, and it wouldn't let me. The website kept doing something weird. My only option is to sign up for a monthly pass to meetings again, and I don't really want to do that, because it's $40 a month, and I KNOW I won't go to the meetings. (I know they work for a lot of people, but sometimes I just feel patronized. I'm not stupid when it comes to weight loss, I'm just really lazy!)

But I was cruising iPhone apps, and there are a bunch of cool ones that pretty much do the same thing as Weight Watchers - it recommends a daily calorie limit in order to lose weight at a specific rate (no more than 2 pounds per week, so it's controlled), and you just log everything you eat and all your workouts, and it keeps track for you. And there's a huge database of foods, so not only do they track calories, but they can tell you how much protein, carbs, sodium, etc, you're eating, just by you entering the food itself - you don't have to look all that crap up unless you're adding something totally new (but I just put in the calorie amount). I decided to try MyNetDiary.

Like WW, it doesn't tell you what you HAVE to eat - you could technically eat whatever you want as long as you stay within your daily limit, though obviously they make recommendations. So I'm very much in favor of that.

So, it's all free, and I just needed to buy a scale... ACK. Well, even though the news was bad, it wasn't HORRIBLE. I'm still down from where I originally started a way long time ago (pre-pregnancy, even), but not by much, so I have get motoring to stop this downward spiral. 

I'm trying to accept the fact that there is no such thing as "natural" and "instinctual" when it comes to being healthy, for me. I'm NEVER going to just "get it" and be able to eat right without even thinking about it. That's always been the reason why I quit dieting - I HATED thinking about food ALL the time - what to eat, when to eat, where I'm going and what is available to eat there, what I should bring to eat, etc. I hated it.

But you know what? I think that I HAVE to think about it. I cannot be mindless and unconscious. I think this will be the biggest part of the "lifestyle change" for me - forcing myself to actually think about what I eat and confront it. I am pretty sure that taking a good face-to-face look at my eating habits will show me that they are no bueno, and I think that I have been scared to do that. No one likes to admit to themselves that they are completely doing the wrong thing.

I've spent most of my life relying on food for comfort, pleasure, and society, and I think I do need to shift towards relying on food for NUTRITION and fueling my body. Especially if I want to achieve any of my athletic goals. At the same time, I have to find a way to make this work for me. I have to be real about it - am I ever totally going to give up fast food? No way. But do I have to get the fattiest, greasiest burger with bacon and a giant soda? Absolutely not. So this is where my changes need to start. I have to learn how to compromise with myself to work towards my goal.

This entry is dedicated to my best friend Becca, who IS achieving her goals and who looks awesome, and who inspires me every day!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Things I Do for Love

(Love of roller derby, that is)

SBDM set up a booth at the Morgan Hill Youth Sports Expo today, and we did two skating demos in the blazing hot sun in 100-degree weather. And I was stupid enough not to wear sunscreen. Yeaaahhhh...

Derby Mizfit!

Today my derby team (South Bay Derby Mizfitz) set up shop at Morgan Hill's Youth Sports Expo, so it was time to go all out and rep our team through our colors, purple and zebra print. I don't actually know how to do zebra print makeup, so I went all out with purple:

- UD Deluxe E/S in Fishnet all over lid
- UD Loose Pigment in Rockstar applied as eyeliner with a smudge brush (I just bought this for five bucks!!!)
- E/S in Psychedelic Sister (can you tell, it's my new favorite color?) blended into the crease for definition
- 24/7 eye pencil in Ransom smudged into lower lashline
- Eyelash primer potion and MAC Zoom Lash mascara
- UD Wicked lipstick
- UD Tinted moisturizer, MAC MSN
- UD blush in Hookup (from the Face Case... this is my new favorite blush)

Friday, July 16, 2010

UD's Sephora Exclusive "Smoky Eye" look

Okay, so this is the third one, using Dashiki and Psychedelic Sister

Mine came out not as perfectly smoky, but it still looks pretty cool:

- Psychedelic Sister all over the lid, up to my natural crease
- Dashiki on the inner third of the lid
- Sellout (in lieu of UDPP Sin) to blend the line
- Ink for Eyes in Zero along upper lashline
- MAC Zoom Lash Mascara

On my face:
- UD Urban Defense Tinted Moisturizer in Bulletproof
- Primer (haha, see below)
- MAC Skinfinish Natural
- Hookup, the blush from UD's latest Face Case (I love this color!!!)

Also... maybe you can't tell by the photos, but my skin looks super awesome, and I owe it to a very odd product: Monistat Anti-Chafing Gel!!! No, not the actual yeast infection medication, but just the soothing gel. This isn't a new discovery, but it's one I've been meaning to try for a while. Apparently Monistat Gel contains similar ingredients to Smashbox's Photo Finish primer, but it's only, like, $7 compared to Smashbox at $36. And it works just as well! My skin is nice and matte, and my pores are a bit smaller. It's not quite as good as BeneFit's PoreFessional, but it's a heckuva lot cheaper!

Decisions, decisions

So, I've been skating with the Mizfitz in Morgan Hill for about a month now, and I'm really enjoying it. I love that this league is right at the beginning of everything, and if I stick around, I'll be able to be a part of this journey.

But SVRG's next bootcamp is looming, and I'm afraid I'll be faced with a major decision - WHICH LEAGUE?

On the one hand, all I've ever wanted was to join SVRG. I adore the women in the league, they're officially WFTDA now, they've got everything in place. If I make it through this next bootcamp and tryouts, my dream could come true.

On the other hand, SVRG is HUGE and I will be bottom of the totem pole, ability-wise. I will be a small fish in a big pond, and it could be years, potentially, before I actually get to skate in a bout. Realistically, I could be a benchwarmer for quite some time. Or, I wouldn't even get to warm the bench - I'll be a bout volunteer.

With the Mizfitz, it will also be a long time before I get to skate in a bout, but for a completely different reason - we're new and small! And I will have more of an opportunity to make an impact, because we are so new and small. If I can be patient, the good things will come. Plus, I will have more time to work on my skills, instead of over-pressuring myself and psyching myself out - those nights of WFTDA testing were some of the worst sleepless nights in recent memory.

I don't know what to do. I'm actually leaning towards NOT doing the bootcamp and sticking with the Mizfitz 100%, but it seems a little surreal to me that I'm actually going to let this pass me by?

But what else could I do? What if I DO pass and nab a spot with SVRG? Am I just going to abandon the Mizfitz? When I decided to start skating with them, I didn't do so because I needed a "space filler" - I've been fully expecting to commit to them, for a long time. (I was not anticipating that there would actually BE another bootcamp, actually.) I really like those ladies a lot - they've got a lot of fire and a lot of heart, and I enjoy skating with them, and we're all learning together and progressing together. Honestly, the only "strike" against them is that it's a long drive for me, but it's manageable - I've been doing it for about a month.

Honestly... they are two entirely different leagues in two entirely different stages of their existence. It's choosing between the apple and the orange, so to speak. And I think it will break my heart a little bit, either way. But I have to think: what are MY goals? What do _I_ want to get out of joining a derby league? And the truth is, I want to compete. I want to bout. And which league will I have a better chance of doing that sooner with?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sephora-exclusive "Cat Eye" look for UD Summer 2010

I am on my way to collecting all 6 Sephora-exclusive colors! I've got one more coming in the mail, and then I'll blog them all properly.

Here's look 2 of the series. Again, Sephora doesn't yet have these look guides posted online, so I had to do some stealthy camera-phone photography (which ended up not being necessary, because the Sephora staff was SO nice about just making a copy of the actual guidesheet for me! But it was in black & white.) Here's the cat-eye look:

Sorry, I was trying so hard to be stealthy that I didn't get it quite right. But you can see all the pertinent information - UDPP in Sin on top, Freelove eyeshadow on the lid, and Haight eyeshadow on the lower lid.

So here's my version:

I've got:
- Freelove all over the lid
- Virgin (from the Naked palette) to soften the line and to highlight
- Haight as a thick eyeliner (used a flat eyeliner brush), winged out at the ends
- 24/7 eyeliner in Underground smudged into my lower lash line (which you can't really see in that photo.)
Also wearing Stila's Lash Visor mascara.

I love both colors. I wish I were a better photographer and had better lighting, because my photos do NOT do these colors justice. Freelove is just a gorgeous orangey-peach (I've read it described as a darker shade of X), and Haight is a beautiful blue-teal, like a dark pond in the sunlight or something.

If I had them, I would've added UD's new Urban Lash false lashes in Little Wing:

More pics:

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It pays to be a Junkie!

 I happened to stop by the Urban Decay counter today (okay, it's never happenstance when I visit a UD counter!), and the associate who started talking to me (and doing my eyebrows, haha) was the Regional Director of Sales!!!

So we were totally chatting it up about the new fall products and the Sephora exclusive eyeshadows and everything she mentioned, I was like, "Yeah, I've tried that!" or "I have that!" or "I ordered that the minute I got the email!" and she was so impressed, she said, "Omigod" (yes, she said "omigod" - not "oh my god," but "omigod") "you should totally work for us!!!!" And I was squeeing like, "I KNOW, RIGHT?"

And I asked her about the Lip Junkie glosses that have yet to be released anywhere (though Sephora has been majorly teasing me!!!!!) and she said, "I think we have the testers here in a drawer somewhere, would you like to see them?" OH WOULD I!

They're not available yet, so the testers were indeed in a drawer, along with the Naked palette (which hits stores next month), and I got my very own personal look at them and I got to try a couple on!

I tried on Love Junkie, which I found the most intriguing from the Temptalia reviews but was disappointed by how sheer it was. It's grape-colored in the tube, but barely darkened my lips (which, granted, do have natural color to them).

And out of curiosity, I tried on Perversion, which is a dark, glittery black-ish purple, and it is every bit as vampy as you would imagine. I'm not sure I would have the guts to wear it, but it looked REALLY cool.

There were more colors I wanted to try on, but I didn't want to be a pest, so I quit while I was ahead. I was SO very excited to have the chance to even see them, so she totally made my day by showing them to me!

And now my problem is deciding which ones I want to actually buy when they come out...

Funny little Jolie!

Photo by Uncle Khoa :)
My parents babysit Jolie while I'm at derby, and usually Jolie plays on the bed next to them while they watch tv.

Tonight was the same as normal... well, sort of. While my mom intently had her eyes on the screen, Jolie was sitting right next to her, when all of a sudden OUT OF NOWHERE she emits a burst of loud SHRIEKING while flailing her arms around in the air!

Well, my mom was so startled, she practically fell off the bed. Upon seeing this, Jolie BURSTS OUT LAUGHING. Apparently she was trying to scare her grandma half to death, and it worked. She was so pleased with her accomplishment that she proceeded to keep shrieking at random intervals for the next couple of hours, to try to scare both her grandparents. And while they definitely weren't fooled, they did practically split their sides laughing at her antics.

Yup, this is my daughter, alright!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Another look with the Naked palette

This look was inspired by my outfit today, which is a pale pink tank top with a long flowy gray skirt.

- Virgin all over the lid and into the crease
- Gunmetal blended onto the outer half
- Creep smudged into the upper lashline with a flat eyeliner brush
- Sin in the inner corners/tear duct area with a smudge brush
- Eyelash primer potion
- Skyscraper mascara

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Quickie post: today's look

Face: Stila's One-Step; UD's Afterglow blush in Quickie (looks like NARS Orgasm)

Eyes (all shadows are Urban Decay):
- Crash up to crease
- Blended with Naked in the crease
- Patted Psychedelic Sister (sephora exclusive) on outer 2/3 of lid
- Patted Maui Wowie on inner 1/3 of lid
- Eye pencil in Zero along lashline
- Skyscraper Multi-Benefit Mascara

Thanks for looking! :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Yay! I think?

My status has been renewed through the end of 2011! You know what THAT means?


Yeah. I spend too much money on makeup =P

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Insanity Workout Day 1: Fitness Test

Yeah, I caved and ordered the DVDs. That infomercial has been haunting me since I first saw it months ago, and I finally decided that I wanted to try it.

So Day 1 is the Fit Test, to see how fit you are. And I'm not. The moves are all plyometric, explosive power moves like jumping (LOTS of jumping), pushups, leg lifts, etc. There are 8 moves total, and you have to see how many you can do in one minute, maximum effort. I'm sweating like a pig just over halfway through, and even now as I'm typing this, there is sweat just DRIPPING down my neck and onto my chest. For what is in essence EIGHT MINUTES worth of working out!

Anyway, here are my Day 1 results. You can tell that I was fading towards the end:

Switch Kicks: 53
Power Jacks: 48
Power Knees: 61
Power Jumps: 20
Globe Jumps: 6
Suicide Jumps: 8
Push-up Jacks: 10
Low Plank Obliques: 18

It is definitely insane. And it is definitely hard. And this wasn't even a full workout. I'm scared of the REAL workout tomorrow. But now I've got a challenge. I don't have to keep up with the people in the video - I just have to compete with myself.

Yes, I've gone Insane, and I think I like it.

UD's Naked palette - Not-Boring Neutrals

Decided to come up with a look using the Naked palette. I managed to keep it to two colors :) I was definitely tempted to use half of them in one look.

I used:
- Toasted, over the entire lid
- Hustle, blended into the crease
- Whiskey eyeliner on the upper lashline
- Crash eyeliner (not in the palette), smudged along the lower lashline
- Maybelline the Colossal mascara

The result is a striking, shimmery-metallic eye look that totally made my eyes pop, but didn't overpower my face. It brought attention to my eyes rather than to my eye makeup. The shades themselves are tame enough for every day, but because they're shimmery, you don't look boring.

Hustle (a palette exclusive) is plummy-brown. Whiskey (also exclusive) is a matte brown eyeliner, and is perfect next to the brighter shimmer of Toasted on my eyelid. I usually don't do darker shadows in the crease, but I actually really liked this look.

What do you think?

More pics:

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I know you're jealous!

There is a great review (and better photos) at Temptalia, but I just wanted to add my own... I'm just so totally excited to have this. This might end up being my favorite UD palette, even more than BOS II.

I can't wait to try this Whiskey eyeliner. It is precisely the brown I have been wanting from UD since I discovered their eyeliners!

Monday, July 5, 2010

It was awwwwwwwesome!

I am so in love with derby right now. I'm so happy to be on a team, even though we're a long way from bouting. I'm happy to be a part of the Mizfitz and help the team grow.

I got my first taste of jamming tonight (not a real scrimmage, just a drill, so they weren't going all-out on the blocking), and I think I liked it! I've never aspired to be a jammer, because I'm slow and hulky and am much better at being in someone's way. I'm not fast and agile.

I don't know if I will ever be a jammer for real, but it was fun at practice :)

UD's Summer 2010 Sephora Exclusive Colors: Candy-Colored Eye

UD released 6 Sephora-exclusive eyeshadow colors, and they are gooooo-geous. I decided to buy four of them, and try out the looks they put together.

Here's the first, Candy-Colored Eye:

I bought Psychedelic Sister and Aquarius, and substituted the Deluxe shadow in Fishnet (in place of Woodstock, which I could not justify buying because I know I will almost never wear it), and the actual Sin eyeshadow instead of the Primer Potion in Sin. I'm also wearing the 24/7 pencil in Zero, and Maybelline's The Falsies mascara (it's new!)

So here's my attempt:

Very cute and candy pop. I'm not a good enough photographer to really get the colors to show you - it's much more colorful and less washed-out than in the photos. Aquarius is a GORGEOUS silvery green, unlike any UD shadow I've seen so far, and Psychedelic Sister is the purple that dreams are made of. I love them! You can see why I chose to buy these.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Okay, here's what I actually like about Twilight

Okay, okay. For all my snarking about Twilight, you probably wonder how it is that I am even a fan in the first place. If all I'm going to do is make fun and criticize, why do I even bother?

The truth is, I am definitely a fan. I was obsessed with the books at the beginning too. I had a major crush on Edward in book 1, until he broke my heart in book 2 and then I had a major crush on Jacob for being such a sweet and caring guy. I definitely had an opinion on which Team, and I collected merchandise and photos from magazine spreads from the movie.

I've stepped back of course, and I've gone back to being a grown-up now. But I still enjoy the stories, as much as I am critical of them, and I thought I would outline here why I still read the books and watch the movies. Basically, here's why I love Twilight:

- Deep down inside, I am still an awkward, insecure teenage girl. I thought my pretentious indie-music-loving, liberal-arts-college-attending years had cured me of that, but now I spend all day with teenage girls for a living, and that part of me has come back. Twilight has managed to tap into the parts of the teen girl experience for me that have never quite gone away: feeling awkward, like I don't belong; wanting a specific guy to notice me; feeling totally unattractive and not worthy of anyone's attention. Though, Bella actually did get a LOT of attention from everyone, so that's where we differ. But then again, isn't that the beauty of the Twilight experience? Bella is also the ho-hum, plain teen girl, just like me, but she gets noticed by EVERYONE and especially the most attractive, most beautiful boy in the whole school, who never batted an eye at ANY girl until he saw her. Through Bella, we get to live that fantasy, when in real life, there was no chance in hell that would ever happen. And she not only gets one hot guy, but two, totally in love with her. In her previous life, she was just some random human being, but in Forks, she gets to start over, and she ends up being so special that even non-humans are fascinated by her. I am not too proud to admit that in my fairy tale dream world, I want to be noticed that way too. I want to be thought of as special too.

- It's a romance novel without all the gross softcore porn. Seriously. There's hot kissing and lots of declarations of love and snuggling and even shirtlessness. But, um, I'm so glad there isn't any actual bodice ripping and detailed descriptions of what they're doing. I'm not a prude, but... what I'm more interested in is the melodrama, the feelings, anguish, the heartbreak, the longing - not so much the sexing. Reading/watching love scenes in a book/movie just makes me feel awkward, like I'm intruding. Especially since they're TEENS, and I'm rounding up to 30. It's just squicky.

- Alice. Alice is just so freaking cool. 1) She has a cool power and she is SO important and necessary to the survival of everyone. 2) She calls Bella out on her behavior ("I've never seen anyone more prone to life-threatening idiocy!"). 3) She is the only girl character who never says anything about having babies. (It's important to have a female figure whose life is not defined by how she fulfills the role of mother!! And Bella's claim on that title was relinquished with Breaking Dawn.) 4) She loves makeup and clothes and planning weddings, but she can also kick ass and steal cars. 5) SHE went and found Jasper, and helped change HIS life for the better. In essence, SHE rescued HIM. Team Alice all the way!

- Very specifically, Jacob in Breaking Dawn. Telling the middle part of the book from Jacob's POV saved me, because if I had to hear about Bella dying and the bloody c-section and everything from either Bella's or Edward's POV, I would've shot myself in the head. But instead, we get Jacob's fabulous chapter titles ("What Do I Look Like? The Wizard Of Oz? You Need A Brain? You Need A Heart? Go Ahead. Take Mine. Take Everything I Have.") and his back-and-forth with Rosalie (and him denting a metal dog bowl by throwing it at her head), and it was just the perfect way to get through what would've otherwise been a very painfully bad thing to read. And Jacob is way more interesting and proactive in BD than Edward was. (Edward, what the hell happened to you? You just kind of faded into the woodwork! Meyer finally got you to have sex with Bella, and then she erased whatever traces of a personality were there. Apparently she was just using you for your body.)

- The literary parallels. I love that Bella has that little discussion of, "What if Juliet had chosen Paris instead?" and Edward's whole "I don't see what's so great about Heathcliff and Catherine" spiel, and in book 1 Bella is frustrated because she's trying to read Sense and Sensibility and there's an Edward Ferrars and of course it makes her think of Edward. (Don't you hate when that happens?) And I swear, that scene in New Moon the movie where Edward recites the end of Romeo's death speech is probably my English nerd dream come true (if only he'd done it with a British accent). Meyer has an English degree, and even though her writing isn't so great, she's no slouch when it comes to her allusions.

- I seriously had to laugh at the ridiculousness of Renesmee and her circumstances of birth and existence. You can absolutely tell how SM is a youngish mother with three little boys to raise, because Renesmee: 1) is a beautiful, beautiful girl. 2) Her gestational period was like, a month? Shortest successful pregnancy ever. I didn't even make it to my 9th month, but I remember how miserable I was. 3) Even though technically Bella was dying as a result of the pregnancy, she freakin' came back more gorgeous and fantastic than ever (albeit, undead). Did you see ME three days after I gave birth? Yeah, I was a wreck. And Bella pretty much feels, uh, sexy right away. Ask a lady dealing with stitches in her birth canal from accidental tearing or hemorrhoids from all the pushing and straining how sexy she feels. IT BURNS WHEN YOU PEE!!! 4) Renesmee is, like, super mature and can communicate with all the adults around her! None of that "ba ba ba da muh muh" crap that my daughter does. (J/K - I love when Jolie babbles! It's so cute!) 5) As Edward says, "We're the only parents in the world who don't need sleep, and our child can already sleep through the night." Buahaha! If you thought the whole popular-guy-loves-plain-girl part was wish fulfillment, that was nothing compared to this! This is oh-my-god-I'm-a-haggard-SAHM-raising-three-young-boys wish fulfillment. So, reading it now as a mother... it's awesome. It makes me laugh. If I had to fictionalize the experience of becoming a mother, I would make it as fantasy-like as possible too.

So... those are just a few things that I do actually like about Twilight. Aside from the fact that there are so many issues to unpack that I could probably write a PhD dissertation on it, there are some things that do make me applaud. Plus, it's just great escapism. It's a world entirely different from my own, and sometimes, you just want to step out of real life into another world to calm your mind down. And Twilight is great for that.

Also, I think Rob Pattinson is kinda cute. Just kinda. ;)

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Dear ______:
I don't know how you feel about me, but I'm not mad at you, and I don't hate you. I never was, and never did. I stopped talking to you a while ago just because I didn't want to embarrass you in front of your friends. And now I'm not talking to you just because I'm afraid you won't want to talk to me. But I want you to know that if you ever want to talk to me, I wouldn't turn my back on you. Sometimes I see how unhappy you are, and I wish I could be there for you, but again, I'm afraid you won't want me anywhere near you, so I say nothing. But I want you to know that I still care about you, and I hope that this silence isn't forever. I know we'll never be best friends, but... it would be nice to be on speaking terms again.

Dear _____:
You, on the other hand, I AM mad at. Because apparently you won't talk to me unless you absolutely have to, and it really hurts me. You once called me one of your best friends, and now you won't even look at me. Why? What made you suddenly decide that I was no longer worthy of your attention? You're just done with me, is that it? You no longer have any use for me, so I get dumped by the side of the road? I'm a human being, goddammit. I have feelings. And I thought you did too. You have no idea how much it hurts that you just decided to cut me off, socially, and that you'll ONLY talk to me when it's strictly business. Well, fine. I will give you your space, and I will try not to let it show how much it hurts me, and I hope one day you will realize that you are missing out by not having me in your life. But just know that you owe me a major, serious apology: after the horrible exchange of words we had last year, I let you back into my life without one, and I'm really regretting it now, because ever since then, all you've done is to continue to hurt my feelings. I really am starting to think that I am better off without you. Look! you can even tell that I am the most upset over you, because you got the longest letter. Make it right.

Dear _____:
I miss you. Things haven't been the same lately. We just don't really talk anymore. We don't really see each other anymore. I know you've got a lot to tend to, but... I would totally push aside anything to make time for you. But I know I have no right to ask you to do the same. This makes me really sad, because sometimes I really need you.

Dear _____:
Keep trying. It will happen. I do truly believe that the universe will reward good people, and you are two of the best people I know. And please know that the bad things that have happened were not your fault. Just don't give up. I love you guys.

Dear _____:
I don't know what happened to you, but I think you need professional help. Or a smack across the face. Something to make you come to your senses and realize that you are way too good to be with him, and that he is not worth settling for. You're so insecure and afraid, and you shouldn't be, because you are beautiful and smart - you've just lost your way. And it's making you crazy. I mean it - literally batsh** crazy. I know I'm not perfect either, but... let me help you. Please.

Dear _____:
I'm sorry that I used to hate you when we were both teenagers. In all honesty, I was jealous of you - I've always been big and awkward, and you were a cute little thing that everyone just flocked to. But now that I'm older and wiser and can recognize my own shortcomings and faulty logic, I'm realizing that you really are a cool person, and I'm glad that we are kinda friends now.

Dear _____:
Could you please just, like... stop being so self-absorbed and be there for someone else, for once in your life? He was there for you SO many times. He's had to listen to you blather on about things that he doesn't really care about SO many times. Could you maybe return the favor? Could you maybe do something nice so that he knows you care about him? Seriously. Other than me, you're the only one he's close to. He needs you. And you know what? You need him too.

Dear _____:
I'm proud of you. You did pretty well for yourself. There's just one thing left, and I know you'll take care of it. So, I'm proud of you.

Dear _____:
You are one cool kid, and I think that if you were my age, we would be good friends. Stay cool.

I've been late on posting my FOs lately - Star Crossed Beret

Done in Mirasol Sulka (oh so soft!) on size 10 and 11 needles. A very quick knit (waaay less than 24 hours), and totally a stash buster. I think I may make this one again, because I love the way the FO looks, and I have TONS of yarn that will work for this project (either bulky, or worsted that I can double), and I don't have to knit for ages and I love mild cabling. Yeah, this is my new favorite hat.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

My thoughts on Eclipse

The third installment of the series, and the one that I personally acknowledge as "the end" because Breaking Dawn is so freakin' ridiculous that I can only make peace with it by treating like some super entertaining fan fiction. (Oh god, I can't WAIT to see what they do for THAT adaptation!)

That said... Eclipse felt fast to me, and I realized it was because we were totally being spared the extra two hundred pages of Bella's self-pity, whining, and constant exultations of Edward's beauty and perfection. THANK YOU GOD. No wonder the book felt so long! The movie has Bella's voiceover from time to time, but it's far from a total narration, and therefore, we don't have to get to hear every single thing she's thinking.

What this also does is shine a harsh light on this whole love triangle business. People who love the book get caught up in the whole "Whom should she choose? Whom should she choose?" aspect (again, because we're hearing her agonize over it), but watching it on-screen, objectively, totally made me angry at HER. Woman, I am not sympathizing with you IN THE SLIGHTEST. She even made me feel bad for Edward! And that's plenty hard to do considering how freaking creepy and uncomfortable that scene was where he's MESSED UP HER TRUCK so she can't go see Jacob. Um, scary and controlling much? Anyway, Bella even made me feel bad for Edward. She hops on Jacob's bike right in front of his face and takes off, and of course, there's the infamous "JACOB I WANT YOU TO KISS MEEEEEEEE!" part of the story. (But thank god they left out the whole Bella-crying-about-how-selfish-she-is scene from the book.) Bella, I'm going to reach through that screen to smack some sense into you, okay? But OF COURSE, she can't seem to leave Jacob alone.

And obviously, this is because Jacob will someday imprint on her half-human, half-vampire growth-accelerated hybrid mutant baby. *gigglesnort* I had a hard time choking back my laughter during the scene where Jacob tells her about imprinting. Bella: "Have you ever imprinted on anyone?" Jacob: "No... because I'm waiting for you to get pregnant and have your child ripped out of your uterus by Edward's teeth first." Me: *laughing my ass off!* How the hell are they going to handle THAT one in the Breaking Dawn movies? They didn't even tell us about Quil and Emily's two-year-old cousin yet!!!

There were some oddly touching moments though - I definitely teared up at the scene between Bella and her mother, and at graduation when Charlie stands up to clap for Bella when she receives her diploma. Aww. *sad*

Speaking of graduation - Jessica is valedictorian? Is this movie suffering from Saved by the Bell syndrome or something? - Did you ever notice how on SBTB, the main kids are always involved in EVERYTHING? Because of course, anything that happens can only be validated by the involvement of a main cast member. Therefore, someone important HAD to be valedictorian instead of just letting it be unmentioned. Or is it because they wanted to make good use of ACADEMY AND GOLDEN GLOBE AWARD NOMINEE Anna Kendrick? Show us your skillz, yo!

I was pleasantly surprised by the backstories of Rosalie and Jasper. I'm glad they included them, and in so much detail. And I love that the tail end of Jasper's story where he talks about meeting Alice was left (pretty much) intact. Jasper and Alice = way cute. The Southern accent! "Well, I'm sorry, ma'am!" (Can you tell I've been watching True Blood lately? I LOVE vampires having Southern accents. I TOTALLY want to hear Jasper say "Sookeh!") I had more "Awwww!" with the two of them than I did with all of Bella and Edward and Jacob through all three movies.

Though, the proposal scene in the bedroom? Totally made my heart skip a little. And I'm glad they decided just to have Bella say yes, straightforward, instead of having her hemming and hawing a little bit more like in the book.

By the way, I could not stop laughing at Jasper's hair in every scene he was in. Granted, this is the best his hair has ever looked in all three movies. (Too bad I can't say the same about Esme.) But still... pretty darn comical. Chuckles abound!

The story of the Third Wife in the book was horrendously boring to me, to the point that I skipped all five gazillion pages of it, and then was confused when it was referred to later on. (Stephenie Meyer has a bad habit of droning on for pages and pages about things, and her editor has a bad habit of not editing her.) I went back and skimmed, and until this morning, I still really didn't have any idea what happened. In the movie, it was perfect. Thanks, Rosenberg! *thumbs up!* You just saved me a lot of time. That said, it is never referred to ever again in the movie. Now, I'M smart enough to get the reference, but maybe some other people aren't (and that's why it WAS mentioned again the book - Bella has dreams where she murmurs something about "the Third Wife" in her sleep).

New faces in the movie:
  • I don't understand why they felt the need to cast Bryce Dallas Howard to replace Rachelle Lefebvre (however it's spelled). And in addition to that, since they apparently DID feel the need to cast Bryce Dallas Howard, I don't understand why they couldn't just let her use her naturally VERY RED hair. Instead, they gave her this GOD AWFUL curly-ass wig and she looked terrible. She's so gorgeous normally!
  • The guy that plays Riley is awfully cute. Team Riley! Oh wait... he's dead.
  • Can I say, I was SO EXCITED about Jodelle Ferland as Bree Tanner, even though we really only see her for 15 minutes, max. I had heard before that she was going to be in Eclipse, and I completely forgot about it until I saw her on screen. She is a fantastic actress, and casting her in such a small role is such a waste, but I'm glad she was there. It was all I could do not to yell "JELIZA ROSE!" at the screen. (See: Terry Gilliam's Tideland, in which she was magnificent. Jodelle Ferland has more talent than the entire rest of the Twilight cast - minus Dakota Fanning - combined.)
  • Leah Clearwater - exactly as bitchy as I pictured her. Perfect. 
  • Seth Clearwater - OMG SO CUTE. In a little brother way. He was EXACTLY the cute little puppydog (*snort*) kid that I pictured when reading the book - so eager to join the wolf pack and get involved. Awww. I want to pat his head and then feed him some cookies. 
I'm also happy they left in the conversation between Edward and Jacob in the tent. That was a great moment in the book. Plus: "Besides, I'm way hotter than you." *snort* Honey, there are lots of grown women out there who totally agree. (Was I the only one who was like, "HEY, JACOB IS NAKED!!!" after he got injured fighting the last vampire? No? Okay, just me then.)

My main complaint is the tiny plot point about how the Volturi showed up WAY earlier, and Jane just let things happen. Why was that even necessary? It didn't add anything to the story, and it doesn't explain anything. Was it just to give Dakota Fanning more screen time? Make her more evil? It's just not necessary. But it was minor anyway, and it didn't change the overall story. I just think it wasn't needed.

One thing I wish they HAD included was that moment in the clearing when Jasper's teaching everyone how to fight... Wolfy Jacob leans over and licks Bella's face. That would've been hilarious.

Overall, it's a nice way TO WRAP UP THE SERIES, but too bad they're not going to stop here. Oi.