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Funny little Jolie!

Photo by Uncle Khoa :)
My parents babysit Jolie while I'm at derby, and usually Jolie plays on the bed next to them while they watch tv.

Tonight was the same as normal... well, sort of. While my mom intently had her eyes on the screen, Jolie was sitting right next to her, when all of a sudden OUT OF NOWHERE she emits a burst of loud SHRIEKING while flailing her arms around in the air!

Well, my mom was so startled, she practically fell off the bed. Upon seeing this, Jolie BURSTS OUT LAUGHING. Apparently she was trying to scare her grandma half to death, and it worked. She was so pleased with her accomplishment that she proceeded to keep shrieking at random intervals for the next couple of hours, to try to scare both her grandparents. And while they definitely weren't fooled, they did practically split their sides laughing at her antics.

Yup, this is my daughter, alright!


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