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It pays to be a Junkie!

 I happened to stop by the Urban Decay counter today (okay, it's never happenstance when I visit a UD counter!), and the associate who started talking to me (and doing my eyebrows, haha) was the Regional Director of Sales!!!

So we were totally chatting it up about the new fall products and the Sephora exclusive eyeshadows and everything she mentioned, I was like, "Yeah, I've tried that!" or "I have that!" or "I ordered that the minute I got the email!" and she was so impressed, she said, "Omigod" (yes, she said "omigod" - not "oh my god," but "omigod") "you should totally work for us!!!!" And I was squeeing like, "I KNOW, RIGHT?"

And I asked her about the Lip Junkie glosses that have yet to be released anywhere (though Sephora has been majorly teasing me!!!!!) and she said, "I think we have the testers here in a drawer somewhere, would you like to see them?" OH WOULD I!

They're not available yet, so the testers were indeed in a drawer, along with the Naked palette (which hits stores next month), and I got my very own personal look at them and I got to try a couple on!

I tried on Love Junkie, which I found the most intriguing from the Temptalia reviews but was disappointed by how sheer it was. It's grape-colored in the tube, but barely darkened my lips (which, granted, do have natural color to them).

And out of curiosity, I tried on Perversion, which is a dark, glittery black-ish purple, and it is every bit as vampy as you would imagine. I'm not sure I would have the guts to wear it, but it looked REALLY cool.

There were more colors I wanted to try on, but I didn't want to be a pest, so I quit while I was ahead. I was SO very excited to have the chance to even see them, so she totally made my day by showing them to me!

And now my problem is deciding which ones I want to actually buy when they come out...