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UD's Summer 2010 Sephora Exclusive Colors: Candy-Colored Eye

UD released 6 Sephora-exclusive eyeshadow colors, and they are gooooo-geous. I decided to buy four of them, and try out the looks they put together.

Here's the first, Candy-Colored Eye:

I bought Psychedelic Sister and Aquarius, and substituted the Deluxe shadow in Fishnet (in place of Woodstock, which I could not justify buying because I know I will almost never wear it), and the actual Sin eyeshadow instead of the Primer Potion in Sin. I'm also wearing the 24/7 pencil in Zero, and Maybelline's The Falsies mascara (it's new!)

So here's my attempt:

Very cute and candy pop. I'm not a good enough photographer to really get the colors to show you - it's much more colorful and less washed-out than in the photos. Aquarius is a GORGEOUS silvery green, unlike any UD shadow I've seen so far, and Psychedelic Sister is the purple that dreams are made of. I love them! You can see why I chose to buy these.