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Month of Blog, Day 25: My day, in great detail

I'll try my best! I'm getting old, my memory is not as good as it used to be.

Got up at 6:30am. Took a shower. Wanted to wear my new derby shirts that I made, but the letters need to be ironed down some more (peeling at the corners), so that was out. Made a bottle for Jolie - we snuggle together in the morning while she has her bottle, so it's nice lovely quiet time. Occasionally she offers me her bottle, which I pretend to drink and she laughs at me when I make exaggerated smacking-my-lips sounds. Then she threw a crying tantrum when I had to put her back in her crib so I could leave to go to school. (As soon as I leave the room, she pretty much stops crying. She went right back to sleep.)

Got to school by about 8am. Supervising at senior registration - we are selling senior class sweatshirts and senior packages (the package includes tickets to Grad Nite at Magic Mountain and to our senior picnic, as well as a senior class t-shirt). Stood around in the sun until 11:30, when we finally got to leave. I think my face has gotten tanner, if possible.

Went home. Picked up lunch at Erik's on the way - I had a Thai chicken wrap and Jimmy got a Marrakech Express with a cup of chili. We split a strawberry shortcake. Jolie crawled all over the couch behind me while I tried to eat. She likes to play with the picture frames on the table. She's a total wiggleworm! I finally sat her on my lap, and gave her a couple bites of strawberry and of shortcake (which I put Cool Whip all over). Of course she loved that.

I put her down for her nap (crying, again!) and I was feeling pretty tired as well. We just got a new mattress yesterday, so I loooooooooove it. Both Jimmy and I ended up taking a nap. I got up again around 4 and packed up my stuff to go to practice. I had to drop Jolie off at my parents' house first, so I had to go pretty early.

My dad lets me drive his Prius to Morgan Hill because it saves me gas and because I get to drive in the carpool lane, because he has the stickers. I'm glad of this, because I don't have time to go fill my own gas tank right now. It usually takes me close to an hour to get to practice and I like to get there early enough to get a close parking space to the court and because I like to gear up leisurely and catch up with the girls, instead of throwing everything on and just jumping out there. I like to have time to settle down. Also, my shoelace on my right skate got torn up again yesterday, and I needed to re-lace it.

On the way there, "November Rain" comes on the radio, and it really is just so awesome.

I ended up getting there in record time (traffic wasn't nearly as horrible as normal today AND I got to be in the carpool lane), so a bunch of us sat around chatting about various things while other girls arrived and we all geared up. It's extra hot out, and we're all feeling pretty beat up from endurance night yesterday, and then Terribelle (as in, Terribelle Demise) tells us that we're doing MORE endurance! I wait until the last minute to finally get up off my butt and do warmup laps. My legs feel like spaghetti, and I feel a blister forming on the inside front of my foot because yesterday I skated with (footed) tights under my socks, and the friction from the tights against the socks was bad for my feet. So today, everytime I pushed off on my right foot, it hurt. It still hurts right now.

After warmups and stretching, we practice t-stops and plow stops. Terribelle blows a whistle to signal us when to stop. Apparently this really disturbs the dogs over at the leash-less area, because one of the dog owners comes over to give us an earful. Whatever, lady - it's a PUBLIC OUTDOOR PARK. I bet that if it were a basketball team practicing with a whistle on the basketball court, no one would complain. But since it's a bunch of tattooed girls on skates, apparently we're getting complaints. Terribelle does NOT put away the whistle. :)

We do a mix of a bunch of different drills, and then we do a pace line, with EVERYONE, which wasn't a whole lot of people, but there was a wide range of skill levels all in the same line, so that makes it a bit difficult. I have a hard time skating slow and maintaining proper form, and since a lot of the girls are newer skaters and aren't so fast yet, it takes a long time for them to weave through, so I feel like I'm skating awkwardly for what is a longer time than normal when it's just all the faster girls in one line. But we get through it all, ALL of us (SO PROUD of the new girls!), and then Terribelle has us do this relay where we have to essentially nudge an empty milk jug around cones around the track, like soccer players, but of course we're on skates. We ALL have a hard time doing it, but we all had fun.

Then we did core as usual, and Kathleen gave us cupcakes. I took a few, and borrowed her cupcake container to drive them home. (We know each other from high school, so it's okay.) On the way home, a car in front of me braked REALLY SUDDENLY and therefore, so did I, and the container flew off the front seat and landed on the floor. One of them actually fell out of the container onto the floormat (remember, it's my dad's car, so of course I have to be extra good about cleaning it), and two of them just smooshed into the side of the container. I was pretty pissed about the cupcake casualty. (Later on, I just scraped off the frosting that had touched the ground. What? The cake part itself was fine!)

Jolie was still awake at my parents' house, and about to eat. I grab myself some dinner (they always save me dinner on practice days), and watch Jolie eat hers. She keeps looking at me and saying "MAMA! MAM-MAM-MAM!" And my heart swells, like, Oh my god, my daughter can talk! She knows who I am!!! So then I go over to hug her, and then she looks at me and says, "DADADADADA!" and I'm like, WHAT? NOOOOOOO!!!!! So, I still don't know if she knows me as MAMAMAM or if it's purely coincidental. But I feel like she's been yelling that at me, specifically, a lot lately.

Took Jolie home, put her right to bed, and here I am. I make the rounds on Facebook - we Mizfitz always seem to get on FB to message each other because we have to talk to each other all the time! - where I explain to a student why I hate Katy Perry and where I see the new Rolling Stone cover with Eric, Sookie, and Bill from True Blood - naked and covered in blood. Yeah, that one's getting covered with black plastic at the book store for SURE. I had a cupcake and I gave some to Jimmy and now I'm blogging and I'm about to go to bed because I have to be at school tomorrow by 7am for Freshman Orientation.

Is that detailed enough? It better be, because the one about my week? Is not going to be as detailed, because then I would have to sit here FOREVER typing.


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