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Month of Blog, Day 30: A dream for the future

I still want to move here:

I still want this.


  1. I went to college in Portland, and I loved living there. (I'm in Portland right now, typing this.)

  2. I was just wondering what it was you found attractive about the city. It seemed nice enough when I was there for 2 days, though not necessarily in ways that matched its reputation, but I don't know what it would be like to live there for a month or a year or a decade. I also have friends who really wanted to move to Portland but ended up in San Jose due to the employment situation.

  3. Ah... yeah, I don't think there's anything about Portland that would impress me in just a couple of days... I just really like the vibe of the city... the public trans is really good... I feel like it's less hectic up here than it is in San Jose and whatnot... most of my favorite eateries are up here. Of course there's Powell's, which I absolutely adore. It reminds me of San Francisco, but it's a lot less intimidating to me.


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