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Month of Blog, Day 6: 20 of my Favorite Things

  1.  Favorite food: Pho
  2. Favorite album: Radiohead's OK Computer
  3. Favorite store: Sephora
  4. Favorite makeup brand: Urban Decay
  5. Favorite sport: Roller derby
  6. Favorite Beatle: John Lennon
  7. Favorite place to eat: Mio Sushi in Portland, OR
  8. Favorite place I've traveled to: London, England
  9. Favorite color: purple
  10. Favorite thing that I teach: my film unit
  11. Favorite yarn to knit with: Twinkle Soft Chunky
  12. Favorite thing that I've made: Sylvie
  13. Favorite magazine: BUST
  14. Favorite celebrity crush: Viggo Mortenson
  15. Favorite style icon: Dita Von Teese
  16. Favorite way to kill time: Reorganizing my makeup collection
  17. Favorite yarn store: Yarndogs in Los Gatos
  18. Favorite vampire: Damon Salvatore
  19. Favorite scent: citrus
  20. Favorite baseball team: San Francisco Giants