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Month of Blog, Days 9-11

I know, I'm doing like, a bunch of these all at the same time, which defeats the purpose, but... oh well. It's easier to do all the photo ones at once, I think.

Day 9: A photo you took

Jimmy from a few years ago. He was playing the piano in his garage when I took this. I just really like the light/dark - the piano is stationed in front of a window. I almost never post photos of Jimmy on my blog (mostly because I'm not sure he would appreciate it if I did), but this time, he gets to be featured :)

Day 10: A photo taken over 10 years ago of you

Me as a baby. I placed this photo side-by-side with one of Jolie, and people could not tell the difference (except for Jolie's hemangioma... but then again, one of my parents' friends was like, "HEY, her birthmark has faded!!!!" Hahaha) You can see the comparison shot here.

Day 11: A photo of you recently

Skating at an expo with my Mizfitz! In a relatively short amount of time, derby has become very important in my life. Some people get into derby to escape - I got into derby, and I found myself.