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Hello world, I'm your wild girl!

(I know, it's been a while! Been busy with work, baby, and roller derby.)

So, I've had the Runaway's "Cherry Bomb" stuck in my head for a couple of days (LOVED the movie!), so today's look is inspired by that song. It's PINK eyeshadow - pink with an attitude!

Here's how I did it:

- UDPP (not pictured, because I ALWAYS use it)
- UD eyeshadow in Woodstock (bright magenta pink, from the Sephora-exclusive summer collection) all over lid and just slightly above crease with a wide soft blender brush
- UD eyeshadow in Free Love (peachy-colored, from the same collection) patted on top of the pink and then blended upwards into the crease
- UD eyeshadow in Skimp (vanilla-colored with gold flecks, from the UD Beauty in a Box, also Sephora-exclusive) as a highlight, and blended into the crease slightly
- UD Ink for Eyes in Empire (deep purple) as a liner on the upper lid
- UD eye pencil in Lucky (copper-colored) on the lower rims
- MAC Zoom Lash mascara

I know, it doesn't help that the three eyeshadows I used are Sephora-exclusive, but they ARE available right now! It's not like I used discontinued, hard-to-find ones :)

This isn't a look I would wear normally to work, but I kinda like it. It's unusual, especially for me, since I don't usually choose such vibrant colors.