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That went pretty well, I think!

So, that was probably the best first-week-of-school I've EVER had!

And I'm saying this cautiously because I don't want to jinx myself - so far, my kids are nice, and mostly attentive, and mostly open-minded. I haven't had any (*knock on wood*) jerks who give me attitude or who just won't do anything; there aren't any kids I'm afraid will cut me; there isn't even a particular period that I am afraid of teaching. Even a few kids who look like they really don't want to participate in things were cracking a smile at a couple of the activities we're doing.

Am I doing things differently? Yes. I'm trying to be more attentive. I feel like I was such a horrible teacher these past two years (with the pregnancy and then Jolie's first year), that I need to be extra dedicated to at least attempt to make up for all those days that I wasn't there for them. I want to be there for these kids.I want to love my job again. And right now, I do. I haven't dreaded going into work in the morning this whole week - I was actually excited today, because my sophomores were performing skits that I knew would be hilarious.

I'm not saying it's going to be easy for the rest of the year - I've got lots of, um, very chatty and energetic kids - but it makes it easier to get up in the morning knowing that I don't have to dread anything.