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To bootcamp or not to bootcamp?

Dear Blog,

I am faced with a difficult decision. SVRG's bootcamp is starting up again in three weeks. Now, before you get upset, I definitely have no plans to abandon the Mizfitz. They are my team, and I don't walk out on my team. Rather, the reason why I'm interested in doing bootcamp again is because 1) it's more opportunities to skate coached practices (because you know how much I suck at going skating on my own and making it a worthwhile workout), and 2) it's another crack at passing the WFTDA minimum skills test, and sooner - the Mizfitz are aiming for February to test everyone.

My reservations are as follows:

- We already practice three nights a week, and fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it), the bootcamp practices fall on two nights where I wouldn't have Mizfitz practice. That means five days a week of hard, intense workouts, and they all happen to be five days in a row (Sunday through Thursday). Now, if it were summer, it wouldn't be a problem. But school has just started up again, and I'm already trying really hard to stay healthy (I'm sipping tea and honey as we speak) and I'm doing everything I can to stop nodding off in the middle of traffic. I'm exhausted. Can I handle it? Or will I be stiff and achy and complainy every day of the week?

- This is a busy time of year right now at school, as we have homecoming coming up, and that dance is a senior class responsibility. But then again, after that's over, we have no major events to be responsible for until after winter break.

- It's another two nights a week away from Jolie. This is my major one. I don't want to be an absent mom. And even though my parents LOVE having her over, I feel guilty having to depend on them to watch her so much already. Again, if it were summer, at least I'd have the whole day to spend with her, but now I don't. I'm gone ALL day, I come home for maybe an hour or so before I have to drop her off at my parents' before I go to practice. I feel like I miss out on a lot already.

- It's more money that I could probably use elsewhere - buying new knee pads, paying off my new skates.

But... it's bootcamp! I LOVED bootcamp - the bonds of being put through the gauntlet are strong. It's a chance to better myself as a skater and learn and grow and progress and possibly kick WFTDA's ass. And that means a lot.

I really don't know what to do, but I have to decide soon, because they only have 50 spots open, and at last count, at least 250 girls who also want to do it. So... I just don't know.


  1. If you do it, you'll learn very quickly and become a much stronger skater, especially since bootcamp probably has a somewhat different focus than regular Mizfitz practice. On the other hand, it means you'll have no free time left at all, which is not especially fun. It'll basically be just work, derby, sleep, repeat every day for those 10 weeks. Not everyone can do that and stay sane.


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