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Weekend o' Derby Ahead

Tomorrow is SKATES day. The day I finally buy new skates, the Riedell Wickeds, pictured at left.

This is a pretty momentous occasion. These aren't just new skates to replace my beat up Sure Grip Rebels - these are an UPGRADE. Rebels are an excellent entry-level package, and I wouldn't be sorry to buy them again.

But the WICKEDS... they are definitely stepping up! They are a commitment - you don't buy skates this expensive unless you plan to stick with derby (or unless you don't have any other options). This is me saying, I'm going to be doing this a while, and I need some better skates!!!

So this is what I'm up to tomorrow morning. In the evening, I'll be volunteering for the first game of SVRG's last home bout of the season. And then on Sunday evening, the Mizfitz have a league meeting :)