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Photo time!

The Maulers - black, gray, and red Good times :)


Derby is finally coming to Milpitas! We have an awesome rink here, Calskate, that has been devoid of derby because no one was willing to take on the hours (9:30-11:30pm - yeah, brutal). And now, finally, my hometown has derby! The founder is named Jennifer, and she skated for a year-ish with Nor Cal. We spoke on the phone Wednesday, and she seemed very friendly, very welcoming, and very eager for assistance and input. I felt comfortable with her right off the bat. After having a not-so-great experience with another league's founders, I wanted to be sure that any league I check out from now on has "skater-owned, skater-operated" as their vision, and Jennifer does. So, last night I went to their practice, along with a friend who is interested in coaching. The coach is Kelly (male), a speed-skating coach who has a lot of champions under his belt, so he knows his stuff. A lot of the same principles apply in terms of basic skills, but it was interesting to learn them from

Still on a high!


I can't believe this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I remember watching the 2002 World Series in Portland with Jimmy, who'd driven up to be with me. We were just kids then, watching it on my friends' tv in our on-campus apartments. I wasn't really a baseball fan at the time, but Jimmy was teaching me all about it, and I was crushed when we lost. I remember wondering if we would ever see the Giants in the World Series ever again. We were not yet 20. I remember the heartbreaking end to the 2004 season, the first season I'd truly followed the Giants, not realizing that that year would be the first of 6 years that the Giants wouldn't even make the post-season. Jimmy and I were so stunned, we couldn't even talk. Now, we are 27, and we have a baby. And the three of us watched this post-season together. Even Jolie cheered with us. Right before Brian Wilson threw the last pitch to get the final out of the game tonight, Jolie portentously pulled herself off the floor, raised