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I love my new needle roll!

I've been wanting a good needle roll to store my entire set of DPNs lately, because right now, ALL of my needles are sorted by size and then just lumped together into zippered pencil pouches that are made to fit into a binder. It's not a bad system, but when you have to look for five DPNs among a huge tangle of circular needle cords and what have you, it gets to be a pain.

So I bought this needle roll from Green Planet Yarn today, because when it's your birthday, you can come in any day that month and "make your own sale" by pulling a chip out of a bucket that will either give you 20%, 40%, 60%, or rarely, 100% off your purchase. Obviously, you don't get to add to your sale after you've already chosen your chip. :) I bought some other things too - yarn AND needles, but I was most excited about this one, because it fits ALL my DPNS nicely, and is really cute rolled up.

Rolled up

Frickin' Crystal Palace!!! My 10.5's are longer than all my others (which are Takumi, Brittany, and Chiaogoo)

So, I'm quite pleased. The company that makes this roll is out of SoCal, and is called Shameless Knits.